Blog Page Money: Which Page Is My Best Money Maker?

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Once your blog starts making even a trickle of money you need to analyze where your traffic is coming from, where it’s landing, and exactly which pages the money is coming from. Why? So you can send even more traffic to that specific page because it obviously works. And, so you can spruce up the other pages and make them into money-makers, too.

blog page best money maker

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Your sales page/landing page

Theoretically, most of your income is going to come from either a traditional landing page or sales page. The sales page may be one of your own or an advertiser’s. In either case, you’ll want to make sure this page has strong sales copywriting on it and if that’s not something you feel confident doing, then it’s worth it to hire a copywriter.

A blog post

In the blogging world, a landing page can also be a blog post. In fact, a pillar post, one of the strong, supporting posts on your blog, is frequently a landing page. To find the blog posts where your visitors are landing, take a look at your Google Analytics. Those top 3 or 4 landing pages are ideal places to set yourself up to earn extra income.

Make sure those posts each have a strong call to action that sends your reader to either your landing page where they can opt-in or directly to a sales page – either yours or an advertiser’s if you’re an affiliate. Don’t ignore these key blog posts just because they’re not set up as traditional landing pages.

Your resource page

As bloggers, we spend all of our time focusing on the products we’re trying to sell. But what about the products we use ourselves? Wouldn’t our readers benefit from those same products, too?

For example, if you blog in the Parenting niche, you probably read Parenting Magazine or Woman’s Day and maybe several other publications. If you’re blogging in the Pet Care niche, you probably know a few vets, read a few books, and know the best dog training schools.

We all have certain tools we use to teach us more about our niche and these resources would benefit our readers, as well. Set up a resource page on your blog and it might just be the biggest money-making page you have.

Just about every resource you use is available under an affiliate program somewhere. And if it’s not – such as a local vet or a local civic organization or even another website – you can contact those people and ask if they’d like to pay for advertising space on your resource page.

The fact that you’re recommending XYZ dog food is great but most readers are smart enough to know you might not really be feeding that to your dogs – you’re just advertising that product. However, when they see your resource page and see that you actually use these resources to help you provide the information they see on your blog, they’re much more likely to sit up and take notice.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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