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Dukeo » SEO » Blog Outranks Website: What To Do About It?

Blog Outranks Website: What To Do About It?

Steven Jan 8, 2013 SEO

It’s not uncommon for a business to set up a website and attach a blog. What is uncommon is for that blog to outrank the website. It’s not a bad thing, but it can signal trouble. Here are some things to look for if your blog outranks your company website and you want to improve your WordPress SEO.

rank inner pages

Typically, if your blog is on the same domain as your website, your website should rank better because a lot of the link authority spills over to the root domain. So all of those incoming links on your blog should be driving your website higher on the index.

If your blog is outranking your website you might be tempted to back off on blog promotion but don’t. Instead you need to figure out what went wrong.

Check your internal linking structure. You should be linking internally between blog posts and you also need to be linking back to the homepage of your website. Look for broken links and links that lead to the wrong page. And be sure to vary your anchor text. It makes your links look more natural for the reader and it helps your website rank higher for different keywords.

Check the SEO on your homepage. Look at meta tags to make sure you’re specifying the keywords you want to rank for. Check navigation links and keyword usage within your content. Optimize images by reducing their size before you upload and use image tags to help the search engines identify your content.

Check the load time on your website. Poor load times will affect your rankings, too. Typically, there not that much content on a business website that it would affect your load time but you never know until you check. You may need to resize images, including headers and backgrounds, as well as the images you’re using within your articles. Set video and audio files so they’re off when the visitor hits your site and let them turn them on if they want to.

In all cases, as long as your blog and website are on the same domain, it won’t really hurt your website if the blog outranks it. In fact, the blog will help pull the website up. Just make sure you have prominent links on every page of your blog to lead visitors to the website.

The only time this might hurt your company website is if they’re on separate domains. In that case, your blog could be at the top of the index and your website could potentially be pages back. You could try improving SEO and internal linking to bring up the website but you’ll get much better results if you just move your blog over so they’re sharing a domain.

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