Blog & Online Marketing: 6 Ways To Promote Your Blog

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There may have been a time when you could write a blog and gain readers quite quickly without doing anything to market it at all. However, there are so many blogs and bloggers out there that your own blog could be lost in the fray. That means, you cannot just sit back and let the blog market itself.

Instead, you will need to utilize online marketing in order to gain traffic for your weblog. If you are new to online marketing or blogging, then you will need to learn a few tips and tricks to marketing your site. Here are six ways that you can use online marketing to gain more traffic for your blog.

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1/ Start by Customizing Your Blog

Before you even begin marketing your site, you need to make sure that it is marketable. Otherwise, any marketing that you do will not help much. You need to make sure that your blog does not look generic or plain, so use software that is made to customize your blog. Additionally, make sure you have your own domain and not a sub domain.

2/ Make Use of Statistics Programs

Also before you begin marketing your blog, you will need to make sure you can keep track of how much traffic you are gaining. There are many ways to enable statistics through programs like ClickTracks or Google Analytics. You will also want to keep up with RSS feed statistics. You will be glad that you set this up in the future once you get in depth with your blog Internet marketing.

3/ Understand Why Directories Matter

Article directories are a great way to get your blog information out there because more people are likely to find your blog article when it is included in a searchable directory. When you use these directories and then link back to your blog, you are guaranteed to gain more traffic.

4/ Make Use of Social Networking

Social networking sites are quickly becoming some of the most popular parts of the Internet. These sites are a guaranteed way to market your blog.

5/ Keep Your Posting Regular

If you neglect your blog, then you will not be able to market it properly and any marketing that you have done will be wasted. Make sure you keep your blog posting up to date and post on a schedule to make the most of RSS feeds.

6/ Understand SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must when you want to make use of Internet marketing. When you make proper use of SEO, your blog will be more feasible to be picked up by search engines. The higher you can get your blog to rank, the better your traffic will be.

Internet marketing is a must for any serious blogger. When you make use of these six tips, you can better market your blog and gain more traffic on a regular basis. Remember that your blog is competing with thousands of others and you have to be proactive about marketing it.

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  1. Justin Dupre

    Social networks have become one of the most excellent sources of traffic to a site today. Anything you share on Facebook or Twitter has the potential of going viral, spreading out to lots of people.

    1. I have yet to write a post that will go viral, but I have had quite good results so far with Facebook.

  2. First Website

    Article Directories were great before the panda update but are good for backlinks. Although you can get syndicated. But I agree social networks are the way to go.

    1. During a certain period of time I was getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, and more importantly, the traffic was of quality. Visitors were spending quite some time on my site…

    2. First Website

      What happened. Did it stop or something.

  3. Sad Music

    I would agree with all those points but I do stress the importance of social bookmarking and regular posting. Works wonders.

    1. Dukeo is the “living” proof that regular posting works wonders. I add new content every single day, and Google loves my site!

    2. Sad Music

      Yes your site is favored. Well done.

    3. Sad Music

      Exactly my point.

  4. Sarah

    Yes good points. I use Google Analytics. I find it suits my needs. And I always consult it religiously.

    1. Google Analytics is really nice and it does the job, but did you consider adding some other tracking like heatmap or live tracking your visitors? This can provide some quite useful data.

    2. Sarah

      I heard that a heatmap will give you the parts of the site where people have been focused on. I will certainly keep a keen eye on this. Thanks

  5. Mitch

    Yes you have listed the major 6 points of blog marketing. people should take notice of this. It is that important.

  6. Liz

    I keep up with social networks and I am pretty hot on SEO. I also post regularly to my blogs. I think it is essential to do this and get yourself into a routine. It doesn’t take long and you can go back to doing what you do best. Which is building a business.

  7. Sad Music

    I have to say this is a great post. With regards to SEO there are many plugins that can help you. I know All In One SEO is a favorite for a lot of people but I like the simplicity of FV Simpler SEO it suits my needs.

  8. Shad

    I agree with your post. It is quite thorough. And I am currently using most of your methods.

  9. Jony

    I see you have a great list there. it’s most comprehensive.

  10. John

    Online marketing now requires you to spread the efforts into social networks and mixing with bloggers. You can create a lot of success in a relatively short time.

  11. Mitch

    In fact, blogs tend to get listed faster due to the fresh content being posted on a regular basis.

  12. Shad

    I guess Google+ can also drive relevant traffic to the site

    1. I’m going to make a post about Google+ in the near future. Right now it can’t drive big traffic unless you are in the circles of a lot of people, but hopefully it will improve soon.

  13. First Website

    Is it true that Google+ has more than 20 million users?

    1. Liz

      Yes…and these numbers are a week old!

    2. they probably have more than that now since they were hitting 18 Million users a month ago.

  14. Sad Music

    How many posts are sufficient per week?

    1. I tend to say that 1 post per day is the minimum to keep your blog active enough

    2. Sad Music

      Oh OK…was thinking that the numbers would be more than that. 1 post per day is doable.

  15. Affmaster

    I see many blogs implementing PPC on a regular basis to bring in traffic. That is how serious they are about online marketing!

  16. Flash Games

    I hope to start a blog on my site soon and these tips were very helpful.

  17. Web Design Inspiration

    I hope all blogs start using these tips…they know that they need it!

    1. If they are not already following them, they should do it in the future.

    2. Web Design Inspiration

      totally concur with you.

  18. Web Design Studio

    Which are the best ways to launch a blog? ads or newsletters?

    1. First of all, think outside of the box to find your niche, then contact bloggers in your own niche and start building a relationship with them. Then let them know about your highest quality posts from time to time and they might share them with their audience.

    2. Web Design Studio

      Hey thanks really seem to know this stuff well.

  19. First Website

    Offline marketing is also required in order to drive traffic online.

    1. Web Design Inspiration

      Agreed….specially in case of celebrity bloggers.

    2. Absolutely, you can use plenty of offline marketing techniques. I might discuss that in future posts.

  20. Web Design Studio

    Has anyone used eyeball tracking?

    1. Web Design Inspiration

      I heard that it was quite an expensive exercise as of now.

    2. There are some companies which are doing that but from what I heard it takes some time and can be quite expensive.

  21. Michelle

    I dont like blogs that have pop-up screens for ads

    1. A lot of people do not like these because they are set to be too intrusive on many sites. If you set it to show max 1 per week per visitor, you should be fine.

    2. Michelle

      Thanks for the tips!

  22. Chris

    Doesn’t good content market for itself?

    1. Not at all. The idea that “if you build it, they will come” is totally wrong.

    2. R Chris

      So what do you suggest?

  23. Gorman

    I enjoy a well marketed blog

    1. Sad Music

      Social media sites are a guaranteed way to market your blog.

  24. Dana

    I like reading professional bloggers rather than amateurs.

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