Blog Nurturing: Get Back In Touch With An Old Time Reader

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Have you ever considered getting back in touch with an old time reader, someone who’s been with your from the very beginning, through thick and thin, and sticks with you despite your occasional tendency to ramble.

You know who they are. You don’t even have to look at the name on the comment to know who left it. They leave a comment on almost every post. They sometimes chime in with answers before you do. And they’ve been around so long they can even offer a dissenting opinion and you’re still happy to see their face in the crowd.

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Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to attract new readers that we forget lose sight of the old readers, but they’re just as important. It takes a while for a new visitor to develop enough trust to share your content. In the meantime, readers who’ve been following you a while already have that trust, so they’re more likely to share your links with their friends, which helps bring in even more new traffic.

Long-time readers also add value for other readers. The opinions, questions, and ideas that they leave in their comments are springboards to more conversation and better post ideas.

Those long-time readers also help increase your blog’s stickiness. When a new visitor arrives on your blog for the first time, seeing activity in the comments makes your blog look more appealing. Those comments are social proof that other people trust and like your blog.

But those long-time readers have other benefits. They’ve been around for a while so they’ve seen plenty of your content. They can tell you what works and what doesn’t from a reader’s standpoint. Because they’ve been interacting with your blog for a while they can also tell you what design elements need a little work – like a “search this site” box or your navigation menu.

How To Get Back In Touch With An Old Time Reader

Most of your old time readers aren’t going to just pipe up and volunteer to help you with your blog. Most of them don’t even realize they can. If you ask them a question they’ll be happy to answer, but you really should get to know each other, first.

Send your reader an email introducing yourself and thanking him for his continued support. Let him know you’ve been aware of his presence from the very beginning. Use some of his comments to show how he’s been so helpful to your blog and your community.

If your blog already has a lot of comment activity, acknowledging individual readers with a personal email will make a huge impression and go a long way toward making them even more loyal and willing to share your content.

If your blog doesn’t have a lot of comment activity, it will once you start emailing your old time readers.

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  1. Steve

    I think that the Idea of connecting with our readers, both new and old is the key to success. How do you encourage more comments and contact with your readers?

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