Blog Interactivity: How To Make Your Blog More Lively

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Blogging is a unique world that can prove to be quite worthwhile to the blogger. The key to finding success in this venture is to have interested, devoted and active readers. It is these fans that will determine how well your blog does and the benefits that you will see from your efforts. Without a strong fan base the work that you put into the blog will reap very few rewards. However, the responsibility of acquiring and keeping those fans will fall on your shoulders. What this means is that you need a way to ensure that your blog continues to gain momentum and this often relies on keeping your fans engaged.

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blog interactivity

Though the content of your blog will ultimately be the most important factor in bringing readers to your site, there is more to holding their attention than an excellent blog post. You need a reason for them to get involved and a way to keep them active on your site. The best way to accomplish this is through interactivity with you and each other. Many of the best and most well known bloggers have sites that not only captivate readers but encourage them to interact. The hard part is knowing how to achieve that goal.

Interactivity simply means providing a way for your readers to input their own information, get involved in your current post and find ways of communicating among themselves. When the blog is interactive then your readers are becoming invested in the material and have a reason to stick around. There are several ways that you can work regularly to increase that interactivity and ensure that your readers have a reason to come back day after day.

Much of what you can do will depend on the purpose of your blog and the content you generally create. Any activity that you add will need to be centered around the theme that your blog holds or it will be lost on those who have already begun tuning in to your posts. This means that you can have the basic idea, but you will need to tailor it in a way that makes it appropriate for your site.

One of the most common ways that bloggers encourage readers to interact on their site is through contests and giveaways. Many bloggers will offer a prize to readers simply for the act of interacting on the site. This can come through commenting on particular posts, sharing the site on other social media platforms or even bringing friends to the blog. Whatever the objective is, readers will have to fulfill it for entries into the contest or giveaway. The promise of a potential reward brings many readers to the site and gives them a significant reason to post and share.

Though contests and giveaways are the most popular interactive tool, there are other ways to encourage this activity. You can ask questions of your readers to promote dialog through the comments. Often this results in conversation with you as well as other readers. You can also create content that is meant to be shared. There are many blogs that have specific events they hold on certain days and they encourage other bloggers to participate. This spawns not only interactivity but helps to promote everyone’s blog when they are all linked together.

Anything that encourages your readers to connect with you and interact on your site is a good tool to use. For many bloggers finding just the right combination of ideas takes a bit of trial and error. Once you have achieved this goal you will notice that your following increases and you see much more advantage to your work.

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    So, when is your next contest?

    Ryan and I are the only two caricatures in the footer that missed the memo to wear a tux. I’m a little embarrassed.

    1. I have some contest projects on my to-do list but I’ve been completely caught by CPA campaigns lately :)

  2. I still find that giving away prizes in contests seems to get the most interaction as far as comments, retweets and such on articles. Others would be posting about something highly volatile and relevant, pick a side and debate your viewpoints with readers even if you get negative comments you can spark some great interactions.

  3. Bharat

    Planning to make my blog a Do-follow one, does it effects page rank ?

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