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We all like to relax in our own homes and we all have certain homes of friends or family where we like to hang out and socialize. Sometimes when you enter a new home you feel out of place, you can’t relax and enjoy yourself, and other times you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door.

You just know you’re going to keep visiting again and again. Here are some tips to make your blog warm and inviting for those first time visitors so they, too, keep coming back, again and again and again.

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Choose a meaningful name for your blog

People often associate a home with its location or it’s address. On the Internet your domain name is your address. Put some time and thought into choosing a domain name and a name for your blog that resonate with your visitors.

While it’s no longer necessary to choose domain names and blog names that contain one of your main keywords, it is helpful to choose names that reflect your topic. Remember, there are millions of blogs on the Internet so you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find yours.

Choose a theme that compliments your content

I once visited an acquaintance who lived in a quaint little seaside cottage. I expected to see lots of warm, pastel colors, and maybe some seashells or a ship’s wheel on the wall. Instead I entered a room full of chrome and steel and lots of hi-tech gadgetry. The furniture was all red and black and everything looked alarmingly cold against the backdrop of the cottage itself. I was uncomfortable, to say the least.

Choose a theme that highlights your content but doesn’t distract the reader. You want them to feel warm and cozy on your blog, not overpowered.

Be yourself

You know yourself that you can tell immediately when someone’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Your readers can, too, and it makes them feel very uncomfortable. Even if you’re the world’s top authority on your topic if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not your readers are going to notice. Don’t try to write like Shakespeare and don’t try to con your readers into buying something. Just be yourself and let them get to know the real you.

Engage in conversation

Every gathering has a certain group of people who immediately jump into the conversation, a few stragglers who hang around the edges, and a few who are wallflowers, shying away in the corner. A good hostess recognizes these different groups and does what she can to make everyone a part of the conversation. To do this, you have to get in there and participate yourself.

Join in the conversation that takes place in your comments. It lets your readers know you’re there in case they need anything and it makes your more timid visitors feel less afraid and more willing to join in, too.

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