Blog Empire: How Many Should You Own?

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I’ve known bloggers who literally have hundreds of niche blogs, each used to promote a different affiliate product. On the other hand I’ve also known bloggers who’ve never had more than one blog during all the years they’ve been at it. They’re each successful and make a lot of money so there’s really no right or wrong. So let’s take a look at what makes them different to help you decide how many blogs you should own.

how many blogs

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Choosing Your Topic

Your topic or niche choice will have a lot do with your decision. Niche bloggers typically have multiple blogs because they look for niches that have low competition to search ratios and focus on one specific product. Instead of blogging about dogs they’ll blog about caring for your dog’s toenails and promote toenail trimmers for dogs.

These niche blogs are easy to set up and maintain but they have several drawbacks. The target audience isn’t overly large and more important, one niche blog doesn’t generate enough income to replace your full-time job. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be reliable for the long haul because affiliate products regularly rise and fall in popularity.

One of the reasons these blogs are so easy to set up is because all you have to do is provide information and promote the product. You send your visitors to the advertiser’s sales page and he takes care of the conversions and sales. So while they may not generate a ton of money each month they’re so easy to set up you can make up that deficit by creating multiple blogs.

Another benefit is the variety. You’ll soon find out that blogging about the same topic, day in and day out, becomes a chore comparable to making an appointment for a root canal. When you run multiple niche blogs you cover a wide variety of topics so if you don’t feel like writing about one you can move on to the another.

So far, I’ve been talking about niche bloggers who build dozens of small blogs. Then there are the bloggers in the middle who have two or three large blogs. These bloggers typically have one large blog that they use for branding purposes or where they earn the lion’s share of their income. And for whatever reason they also want to blog about something completely unrelated.

When blogging about two or more unrelated topics it is best to have your blogs on different domains and keep everything separate. You’ll rank better with the search engines and you’ll be better able to target your traffic.

The drawback is the amount of work involved. You already know how much time it takes to build and maintain one high-quality blog, now multiply that by two or three and you’ll see there aren’t enough hours in the day. Something will eventually suffer and you certainly don’t want it to be your main money-making blog. If you do decide to add more blogs to your business, be prepared to bring on additional bloggers or outsource some of your content.

Now, you’ve probably noticed these larger, multi-author blogs cropping up everywhere. Many of these bloggers were in the position you’re in right now. They wanted to increase their income and add some variety or start blogging about a new interest. Instead of creating several new blogs across separate domains, they found a way to make their new content ideas relevant to their existing blog and simply expanded their categories.

This allows them to keep everything under the same marketing umbrella and build their brand instead of watering it down by spreading themselves too thin. Now, instead of making a lot of little footprints all over the web they’re a massive force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Will Allen

    Hey Steven,

    Personally, I think you’d have to be crazy to try and build more than 2 or 3 blogs. The name of the game today is branding. It’s almost impossible to build a real brand with a 5 page blog about cleaning your dog’s toenails. Unless, of course, there’s a decent market for that kind of thing. I think the best course of action now is to build 1 blog and then content market the hell out of it. Build a loyal following using Social Media (services like are awesome for this) and establish your authority through various content marketing avenues like press releases, video, and articles. Then either keep working to build a bigger audience or sell the thing and do it all over again.


    1. Well… I must be insane because I have a lot more than 2 or 3 blogs. From your comment, I assume that you are doing everything on your blogs by yourself… Once you have some people working for you on various tasks handling a lot of blogs is no longer a problem. It’s all about staying organised and putting the right person in charge of the right task.

    2. Will Allen

      Are these blogs that you’ve built over the years or are you constantly churning out new sites?

      I do outsource content creation and design but most day-to-day operations I handle myself (I’m a glutton for punishment).

      Also, with your blogs, do you use social media? And are they EMD’s or do you try and build a brand with each one?

    3. Some of them are several years old, some others are brand new. I like to keep a diversified portfolio of blogs.

      Of course, I use social media on every single one of them. It’s an easy way to build a community and get some free traffic.

  2. Florence

    I must say I appreciate the “approval” of having more than one blog because I do enjoy building them and researching new content. And, yes branding is important and can’t see why you should limit yourself. However, nowadays you can do whats feels comfortable for you and people will see your authentic self.

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