Blog Earnings Report – July 2011

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Dukeo is a blogging live case study. My first goal is to share everything I learned by working in Internet Marketing.

Another goal of this blog is to show that you can still start a blog from complete scratch in 2011 even when you are a nobody and make your way to becoming one of the big blogs in your industry.

A part of this experiment is monetization. Is it still possible to make money from a blog? Is it possible to reach a five-figures income from a blog in less than 12 months?

Follow Dukeo’s Blog Earnings Reports and you will get an answer to both these questions!

blog monthly earnings report

Here is Dukeo’s income breakdown for last month:

  • Direct Advertising Sales: $290
  • Total: $290.00

If you take the blog income and divide it by the blog’s page views you will get a site wide eCPM of $58.16. That means for every 1000 page views, this blog makes about $58.16, or 5.8 cents per view. This is almost a 140% increase compared to previous month!

During July, I have not been able to generate another HostGator Affiliate Sale.

I know for a fact that to increase my blogging income, I should focus on affiliate programs. As I do not want to push anything and everything to you, I need to take some time to review products and services before endorsing them. This is a time-consuming process but this is the only way to make sure I never endorse a shitty product. In order to increase my affiliate sales on quality products, I decided to put together a list of valuable tools and resources that you can find on my Recommended page.

This month I haven’t sold any paid review. I have a paid review offer pending but I was so busy that I didn’t find time to write the post. As far as I am concerned, I do not want to sell more than 2 paid reviews per month to keep their value high. There is still room for this month. Don’t miss your chance to get featured on Dukeo.

The total earnings increased compared to last month. This increase is a good thing but I really need to focus on increasing my traffic if I want to stay to the same level of earnings.

A few advertising spots have opened on Dukeo. Don’t miss your chance to order a 728×90 spot in the header or the 468×90 spot. These have high value to increase your brand reach! Order before it’s all gone! Moreover, if you order an ad space for 2 months or more, I will offer a discount.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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  1. You’ve accomplished a lot for your blog. Great work Steven. here’s hoping you get more traffic soon.

    1. I’m already working on growing my traffic. I’ll probably make a post explaining which methods I am using in the near future.

  2. Web Design Studio

    Great news. I love your post. You are going for broke. Gotta love the people.

  3. Anon

    Your earning are quite remarkable. Well done. I expect you will only do better in the near future.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t say remarkable yet, but that’s nice to see you can actually make money from a 6 months old blog :)

    2. Anon

      You’re too modest. Cheers Steven

  4. Samie

    $290 is a mean feat. Cudos to you. Let’s hope you make more. Well done.

  5. First Website

    Before the year is out you might be up at $1,000. Not bad. I am in the wrong business.

    1. I’m working as hard as I can to grow this number and try to hit 5 figures as fast as possible! Still way to go.

  6. Dana

    5.8 cents per view is simply amazing Steven. You are on the right track.

  7. Sarah

    You are making more than me. Well done.

    1. How much have you been making ? ^^

    2. Sarah

      The odd hundred bucks. Not enough

  8. Affmaster

    You are well on your way to making a mint. Well done.

  9. Jony

    $290 is a great amount. It is very generous of you to share this information. With all the crap around the internet with people banging on that you can make thousands it is really cool to see someone who is making money and who is not taking people for a ride. I am much more likely to listen to you and I know you are well on the way to becoming a very successful internet marketer. Well done.

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Jony. Being 100% transparent is one of my rules with this blogging project. There is no bullshit on Dukeo!

    2. Jony

      Also like you said Steven it is important to choose the right affiliate programs. There is so much rubbish out there people do appreciate genuine offers. Good job.

    3. Jony

      That’s why I appreciate it.

  10. Liz

    A fab post by a fab guy. Thanks

  11. Michelle

    I expect to see great things from you Steven. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am quite impressed. You give a lot of quality information. Also I do believe you will hit your target.

  12. Chris

    I think 5.8 cents per view is fantastic. Thats a really high percentage. No wonder you will be hitting the 5 figures soon. Good work.

  13. John

    Not bad. It’s quite good considering you are only 6 months old. It’ll probably increase quite well in the coming months.

  14. Dana

    This is a refreshing post and very much required for online marketers

  15. Affmaster

    Your selection of revenue generation elements are quite good.

  16. Dana

    what inspired you to do this project?

    1. I have had this blog in the back of my head for years before launching it. And one day I just had to jump into it!

  17. Gorman

    I would love to be part of the project as a contributor if there is an opportunity.

  18. Flash Games

    Do all blogs report their earnings? Which ones do?

    1. There are not so many of us who fully disclose their earnings.

  19. Anon

    Looking forward to the next month’s numbers

  20. Web Design Inspiration

    Around which dates do you normally post these numbers? I plan to use your post to educate my team.

    1. There is no absolute rule. I try to post them as soon as possible after previous month’s end but sometimes I’m just too busy.

  21. Web Design Studio

    Hi…can you also provide info on CTR?

    1. I’ll try to do that if I find the time.

  22. Charlie

    Great work Steven, $1.355 only 6 months. I am sure you will hit 5 figures this year.

    1. Thank you Charlie! Growing a blog is certainly not an easy task, but I’m trying my best to do it and grow my income along the way ;)

  23. Web Design Studio

    It will be good to see annual numbers six months from now!

    1. Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting as long as I can !

  24. Gorman

    All the best S !

  25. Flash Games

    I am quite interested in doing some thing like this myself.

  26. Sad Music

    Are there any specific months that you expect the traffic to peak

    1. This is the first year of this blog so I’m gathering data for now…

  27. Web Design Studio

    Did you try to approach any body for direct sales of ad space on your blog?

    1. Yep and I sold a few in the past months. However, I do not have time to do that right now so I prefer working on increasing my traffic.

  28. Mike

    I had a blog for 12 months but came no where close to these numbers :(

    1. Maybe you gave up too soon…

    2. Sarah

      How much time according to you is a good time to invest in a blog?

    3. It’s really up to the time you want to invest… No one can decide for you.

  29. Anon

    I hope you plan to keep the blog going for some time!

    1. Don’t worry about that! For years to come.

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