Blog Design 101: Design Your Blog For Optimal Performance And ROI

blog design

Blog design is one of the primary concerns of every blogger.

We hear every day that “content is king“, but let’s be honest a minute.

You could have the greatest piece of content in internet history, but if your site looks like it’s coming straight from the 90s, nobody will stay long enough on your site to appreciate your writing.

You may have researched a little on this subject by reading the best design blogs, or searching for blog design templates in free blog templates galleries.

That’s not the right approach.

Having a good design is essential if you want to reach any success online because we live in a time when the wrapping is almost as important as the content itself.

Blog Design Guidelines

There are lots of aspects to take into consideration to have a blog design that will perform well with your visitors.

In order to have an efficient design, you need to learn about graphic design, usability, speed optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Blog Design To Look Professional

Every single famous blog out there has a custom design.

The graphical identity and blog design have very important roles when it comes to brand stickiness.

They are graphical clues that make people easily remember you.

Moreover, having a good design (with special attention to usability, readability and eye-candy) makes you stand out of the crowd.

Design For Optimal Return On Investment

These days, everyone can launch a blog, but having a blog that converts is a lot more complicated.

Your goal might be to convert traffic into leads or directly into sales.

You should not only learn how to have a design that is easy on the eye of your visitors.

You should also learn how to structure your page to turn your casual visitors into recurring visitors and clients.

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