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Don’t believe everything you hear – blogging is work. Whether you’re a big name blogger with millions of followers or you’re just starting out, there are tons of things you need to do every day to make your blog successful and keep it that way. The most obvious, of course, is providing the consistent content that attracts those followers.

find more contributors for your blog

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Sometimes, though, you can’t think of anything interesting to say. And sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you’re still not attracting enough followers. If you’ve let a few people guest post on your blog, then you know that adding a new voice to your blog can sometimes give it just the boost it needs. That new perspective gives your readers something else to think about and the fact that someone else wrote it lets you off the hook for the day. It worked before and it’ll work again. So how do you find more contributors to guest post on your blog?

Where to find more contributors for your blog

Other blogs: A good place to start is other blogs. You probably read your competitors’ blogs or blogs in related niches. When you see a really interesting post, send them an email and ask them if they’d like to guest blog on your blog. They’ll be flattered and they’ll probably accept.

You’re probably concerned about asking a competitor to post on your blog, right? Don’t be. First of all, there’s nothing that says you have to publish it. Second, you’re not going to lose all of your readers just because you gave them a glimpse at someone else’s viewpoint. They may start reading his blog, too, but they’ll be grateful that you introduced them and they’ll be even more loyal to you now. And third, you and the other blogger just might find you have enough in common to team up and work on something together.

Your own blog: If you have an active comment gallery you’ve probably noticed 2 or 3 visitors who have strong, passionate opinions about your content. Send them an email and tell them you appreciate their comments, you love their ideas, and you’re wondering if they’d like to contribute to your blog.

Your connections: Hit up the people you’re connected to in social networks. If one of your friends is reading your blog, ask him or her to write a little article talking about why they like it or how it influenced them or how they tried your Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and it was the best they’ve ever had.

How to attract more contributors for your blog

Make them feel welcome: Don’t just send someone an email and ask them to write something for you. Tell them why you’re asking. Let them know that you like their viewpoint and you’d like to share it with your readers. Let them know that you’ll be happy to let them include links or images or whatever is necessary for their post, and make sure they know they can also link back to their own site.

Let them know the benefits: Most of the people you approach will already have a plate full of their own responsibilities and tasks. They’ll be more open to adding one more thing to their list if you tell them the benefits. Give them a rough idea of how much traffic you have and how your traffic can benefit them. Let them know you’ll be giving them a byline with links. If you have any automated social media programs set up on your blog that will be generating Tweets, let them know that, too. Give them an idea of the exposure they’ll receive so they can see why it’s to their benefit to contribute to your blog.

Be careful, though. If your blog is brand new, with little traffic or comments, you might have trouble getting a really busy blogger to contribute because there’s really nothing in it for him, yet. If that’s the case, then maybe you don’t really need to find more contributors to your blog yet. Maybe you need to work on generating more traffic, first.

Look at it this way. Let’s say you just started blogging in the make money online niche. You have a few dozen posts published, but no significant traffic. It seems like it would be a great idea to get one of those big name bloggers to write a guest post for you. Look at how many followers he has! They’ll all visit your blog!

But that’s the worst thing you can do. At this point, the few readers you do have aren’t really hooked on your blog yet. Show them a big name talent and they’re going to leave your blog and follow him. Worry about how to find more contributors when you have a blog that people already want to read.

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  1. Jeffreyskang

    I totally agree with you, Steven. People who are only starting their blogs should connect with others who are also just starting out, then grow together.

    Another thing people can do is, make a page or post letting readers know that they can write for the blog.

  2. David

    Good point Steven – there is no point in having guest posters when a blog still needs more traffic.

    It is really interesting though, when you have enough traffic, you sure have a lot more flexibility as well.

  3. Icciev

    Liked the idea of finding contributors from the comments you receive, that will make your readers feel their opinion maters at your blog and make their more loyal to your blog. Another place to find contributors for your blog is to join guest blogging communities which already have number of guest authors whom would be happy to guest post for your blog. A good example would be Myblogguest and Guestblogit, both are great guest posting communities.

    Thanks Steven for the ideas and tips you shared here.

  4. Vlad

    I agree with you. Actually that was exactly what I was doing before I read this article. So I guess I am on a right track

    1. Congratulations on that, Vlad :) Keep up the good work.

  5. Johny

    Great advice ,

    1. Short comment

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