Blog Competition: Sometimes It Is Better To Ignore It

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Thousands of new blogs are created every day, across every conceivable niche, so it would seem that eventually the Internet Marketplace would become saturated and every niche would be highly competitive. But you’re forgetting just how huge the Internet is. If there are already a million blogs about dog training, why would there be room for one more? Because there are billions of people surfing the web – every single day – and they’re all looking for something different, all the time. So instead of worrying about how many dog blogs there are, just blog. Blog like there’s no competition!

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sometimes better not competitive

To understand what I’m talking about, just look around. Why does one employee end up in the corner office over the other, when they’re both equally qualified? Why does one actor get the role over another when they’re both equally qualified? Why does one guy get the girl over the other when they’re both equally handsome? Because, in everything he does, his attitude, the way he carries himself, and the way he presents himself to the world, the winner operates under the assumption that he has no competition.

The Winner Is Arrogant

Arrogant people often get a bad rap but it’s really born out of our jealousy. They go through life under the smug assumption they’re going to get everything they want, that they’re not going to have any competition and that no obstacles are going to fall into their path. And to us, that’s exactly how their life appears, like everything’s handed to them on a silver platter, so we get jealous.

We look at arrogant people and assume they’re arrogant because all these good things happen to them without even trying, but in reality it’s the other way around. Good things happen to arrogant people because they’re arrogant. The refuse to give power to negativity or acknowledge obstacles, choosing instead to simply keep putting their best foot forward and ignore the competition.

The Winner Is Fearless

Look at any football team and you’ll see their star player, the quarterback, is typically one of the smallest men on the team. In some cases his competitors tower above him and outweigh him by a hundred pounds. Yet, who typically receives credit for winning the game? The quarterback. What makes him successful? He’s usually one of the most fearless players on the team.

To be sure, to be fearlessly successful that quarterback has had to learn certain skills and strategies so he can outwit his hulking competitors, and he has to stay on top of his game. But he understands the demands and takes them on willingly because he understands that knowledge and skills protect him on the field, allowing him to ignore his fear and focus on his goals.

The Winner Is Transparent

In those movies about teenage romance there’s always some pretty girl being courted by a football player and a nerd.

At first she falls madly in love with the football player. He’s handsome and strong, he’s fearless and arrogant, and never mind the fact he’s about to flunk out of school, he’s also the most popular boy in school.

The poor little nerd stands faithfully in the background, doing her homework and drying her tears when the football star does something stupid, but she never pays him any mind.

In the end of course, some crisis always drives home the fact that the football player has just been using her all along and the nerd, who’s always made it perfectly clear that he’s always going to be a nerd but he’ll love her forever, wins the girl and they walk happily off into the sunset. Sigh.

The moral of the story is: Be yourself. No two bloggers are exactly alike, even if they’re blogging in the exact same niche. Play to your own strengths and weaknesses and forget about that football player. You don’t have to compete with him. In the end, genuine people are attracted to other genuine people, not phonies.

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  1. I do agree, I have a blog not because I want a million followers, but for me. If other people read it, that’s great, but I don’t live and die by how many followers I have compared to others. Only thing is, do I really have to forget about the football player? I love Ely!

    1. That’s a good approach Alex. Most of the successful bloggers didn’t start their blog while dreaming of becoming millionaires. Instead they started their blog for themselves.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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