Blog Comparison: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare With A-List Bloggers

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There are A-list bloggers in every niche. They have tens of thousands of followers, they brag about having millions of page views each month, and their posts are at the top of every search. With numbers like that you just know they’re making a huge income and your want to be just like them when you grow up. But here are five reasons why you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to those A-list bloggers.

Times have changed

Most of those guys have been blogging for years. When they started there were no rules, they didn’t have to deal with Google and their zoo of animal updates, and they had very little competition. People looking for information on the Internet were easily impressed, too. Even the most basic content seemed like expert advice and people believed anything if they “read it on the Internet.”

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We’ll never have these same exact conditions again and comparing your blog to there is like comparing apples to oranges. You’re just going to drive yourself crazy.

Their numbers are intimidating

If you’re easily intimidated, the numbers those guys are always tossing around could make you turn tail and run. Don’t let it scare you. Take a good, hard look at those blogs and you’ll see they only edge they have is their longevity. It takes time to build up that kind of following, that much traffic and all of that content. But if you don’t believe you can get to that level then you never will.

You can only be yourself

When you’re trying to compete with these guys you might be tempted to design your blog so it looks just like theirs, or write content that sounds just like theirs or targets the exact same audience they’re targeting. But there are already hundreds of other bloggers doing that same thing. You’re just going to be one of many.

Those bloggers might say they get 3 million unique visits each month but there are billions of people searching the web every day. There’s more than enough traffic to go around for everyone. It’s much easier to compete if you find your own unique voice, and target your own audience.

They’re light years ahead of you

Like I said, those guys have a significant head start. You may never catch up, but the point is – it’s not even necessary. That blogger has only captured one small corner of the market. Even if you do manage to sneak up on him you’re still only going to get a percentage of his business. Meanwhile, your competitors are locking up all the other corners of the market while you’re obsessing over that A-list blogger.

You need to be better

The thing about targeting a big-name blog is that once you match their followers or pass them on the index you might be tempted to sit back and rest on your laurels. After all, you’re King of the Hill now. But you’re not the only one who wants to own that hill and now all those other bloggers out there are going to be coming after you. So go ahead and compare your blog to that A-list blogger, but be prepared to for even stiffer competition from the next guy.

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  1. Aaron Brinker

    Agreed –

    I have been there and done that! I know that when I work on comparisons it never feels good so I work really hard NOT to do it. I know the parenting market is dominated by “mom bloggers.” They were smart enough to get on the blogging band wagon as stay-at-home moms when the internet was in its infancy. Now, the market has shifted some and last year was considered the year of the “dad blogger” (where I fit in).

    Still even with that niche, it is dominated by a few dads that have been doing this longer than most of us. The best solution I have found is to “work” it. I put in the time and circulate to let others know I am here. I write, research, guest post and try any other angle I can to get noticed. It is time consuming (and most of that time is only done in the late evening or when my son is busy) but worth it.

    Aaron Brinker aka Dad Blunders

    1. Aaron, you’re right. If you get discouraged just by the fact that some other bloggers were in that niche before you, you won’t start a single blog… because virtually every niche has already been blogged at least once.

  2. Paul

    Most large blogs have multiple authors, if your a single author blog you can’t compare yourself to them.

    1. I don’t think so Paul. There are lots of big blogs with a single author and some guest contributors from time to time.

  3. An Exercise In Frugality

    THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I started my blog a year ago, and have been constantly comparing it to a similar blogger in my area who has much more experience and a blog that is lightyears ahead of mine. Instead of comparing her “apples” to my “oranges” I need to let go, and simply be proud of the accomplishments I have made. Thanks for opening my eyes!

    1. Exactly! Just be yourself and acknowledge every little success along your way.

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