Blog Comments 101: How To Write Them, And Receive More On Your Blog

blog comments

Blog comments are essential in the blogging world.

There are a lot of different aspects to blogging. Blog comments account for the interactivity and social side of blogging.

When browsing blogs, you can quickly evaluate if they have a very active community by checking the comments below each blog post.

It’s not uncommon for big blogs to receive hundreds of comments on each post. Blog readers like to express their opinions and to interact with each other through blog comments. They like to feel that they’re part of something together.

As a blogger, there are two aspects to consider: blog comments that people post on your own blog, and blog comments that you post on other people’s blogs.

The 2 Sides Of Blog Comments

Blog Comments On Your Own Blog

When you grow your blog, it’s always good to receive comments on your posts. However, you need to be careful and keep spammers away from your blog.

You should also think twice before approving comments such as: “Nice post“, “Cool blog“, “I like this“.

This type of short comments are either posted automatically by spammers, or by people who don’t really care about your blog. They are most likely submitted with the only goal of getting a new link back to their site.

It can be tempting to approve these blog comments to grow the number of comments on your blog. However, when some new visitors will read the comment section of your pages, your blog will look like it has low-quality.

Blog Comments On Other Blogs

You might be wondering how to write good comments…

When you’re considering posting comments on other blogs, you should always keep your end-goal in mind.

Instead of posting a short comment just to get a link back, try crafting a longer blog comment to show that: 1/ you care about this blog, 2/ you know your subject.

If you add value to that blog through your comment, you will most likely have a positive image in the eye of the blog owner, as well as his visitors.

As a result, you’ll earn a link AND more authority in your niche.

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