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There are millions of bloggers here in Cyberspace and everyone likes to believe that we’re all one, big happy family. But you know as well as I do that some bloggers rank higher in the blogosphere than others. Some bloggers have celebrity status.

celebrity status

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What is it that makes a blogger a star? The same thing that made Tom Cruise a star, or Charlie Sheen. Exposure. Those big name bloggers out there aren’t any better than you, just like Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen aren’t any better than most high school drama majors. The only difference is, in the beginning their publicists made sure they got plenty of exposure. And now, that attention has snowballed and they attract attention on their own.

If you want your blog to have that celebrity status, you need to take a lesson from the stars. It’s all about promotion, baby. It’s all about starting a buzz. It’s getting your name out there as often as possible so people can’t help but notice you. Here’s hot to take your blog to celebrity status.

Write winning content: No, this isn’t just another ‘Content is King’ tip. If you want your blog to have celebrity status then you need to start creating a buzz. Give people something to talk about. The reason Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise were in the news is because they both did something totally outrageous – Cruise spent an hour jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch, loudly proclaiming his love for his wife. And Sheen spent a summer ranting about Tiger’s Blood, the Goddesses and winning.

That doesn’t mean you need to step over the line and start acting like a complete fool on your blog. But do something relevant that really shakes up your audience so they start leaving comments and talking about you after they leave your blog. Create a blog that people want to visit because they never know what to expect.

Comment on blogs: Start commenting on relevant blogs. You’ve heard it before and it’s true. The more you get your name and your links out there, the more people will start to recognize you. Start following all the celebrity blogs in your niche and start leaving comments like you own the place. And comment a lot. You want to become a familiar face!

Once you start commenting on all the big blogs, you’ll start to notice something – a lot of the same people comment on the same blogs every day. So make sure your comments are better and really spice up the discussion. They’re doing it for the same reason you are – they want to get noticed. So no drive-by comments like ‘Hey! Nice post!’ You need to make people sit up and take notice. While you can’t really ask people to visit your blog, because that would just be rude, you can make sure you leave the kind of comments that make people think you’re a rock star.

Guest post everywhere you can: Are you a guest blogging snob? Will you only consider submitting a guest post if it’s a PR8 blog with 30,000 followers a month? When super-stars are first breaking into the business they do commercials for cat food, erectile dysfunction medication and colon cleansers – whatever it takes to get their name out there and get their face in front of a camera. Get down off that high horse and guest blog anywhere you can get a gig.

It’s all about exposure, getting your name out there into the blogosphere. Submitting articles, building backlinks, those things are great for generating authority. But you want traffic, real human beings, not just search engine bots. And you want name recognition. You need to be seen. Your blog needs to be seen. Get out there and promote yourself.

Start socializing: Join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at least. And get in there and socialize. Don’t sell anything, don’t spam them with your links. Build up communities and get to know the individual members of each group you join.

All of this sounds like it’s going to take a huge amount of time but it’s really not that much different from what you’re already doing it. Now you just need to pump up the intensity. You need to blog, comment, visit, post and socialize like you’re already a celebrity. If you want to BE a star, you have to act like one. Nobody’s going to just hand you an Oscar and hand you the keys to a million dollar mansion unless you do something to earn it. Start blogging like a rock star and take your blog to celebrity status.

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  1. Thanks so much for the advice! I’ve noticed that commenting is a big help. (And now that I’ve said that, I just KNOW you’re going to go and check out my site and follow me on Twitter/Facebook, right?)

    1. I’ll definitely check your site and probably leave a comment if one of the post make me react. :) It’s all about interaction!

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Simple and powerful tips here Steven. Be sociable, create value and as your network grows good things happen. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment Ryan! Socializing and growing your network is probably the most crucial point on that list.

  3. Big Deal

    So how can you give advice about taking blogs to celebrity status, when you don’t have a blog with celebrity status?

    1. Oh! A troll!

      FYI, Dukeo is one of the top 25 Affiliate Marketing blogs of 2012.

  4. Anthony Burke

    Great advice and you are so right. My most visited and commented blog post was when I went off road and mixed rugby refereeing with social media – should they,shouldn’t they type of question.

    1. Congratulations! That was a great idea. Writing content that makes your readers react is one way to do that.

  5. Danielle Garofalo

    Great post. Commenting definitely helps and guest blogging is huge as well. I never understood why anyone would turn down a guest blogging opportunity. Silly!

    1. I’ve seen pretty good results with blog commenting and guest posting. These 2 things are quite time consuming compared to other methods, but they definitely bring traffic and recognition.

  6. Adi Gaskell

    Some good, solid tips there for any aspiring blogger. One possible addition is to ensure your blogs are optimised, and to be smart about it.

    For instance I managed to get one of the blogs I guest for into Google News. This made them really happy because they got more traffic, and it also gave my articles instant exposure. So it improved the relationship and my profile at the same time, all for the sake of a relatively simple submission. Win/win.

  7. Thanks, Steven! Great advice for a “noob” like myself. Your candor and humor are great. I personally don’t care about reaching celebrity status… especially Tom and Charlie-esque “celebrity” status but I totally get the references. I do really look forward to the community aspect and finding the RIGHT people to pump up the intensity with and help support. Thanks for getting the ideas goin’!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Krista. I appreciate your kind words.

  8. Manual @ Thetechbay

    Congratulation!! It was a great post from you.

  9. Thank you for the info. I’m a noob in blogging. I have plenty of experience designing and traditional marketing but never utilized blogs. I wish I started earlier but appreciate people like yourself for the help. I think I’ve already read at least a third of your blogs so far. Thank you again!

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