Blog Benefits: How Can It Help Your Website?

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If you run a static website that doesn’t get updated very often, you could find that by installing a blog section you can greatly increase your search engine rankings.

Remember recent search engine updates have thrown the spotlight onto the constant updating of websites with high quality content – if your current site doesn’t offer much scope for updated content, a blog is definitely the route to go down.

In this article we’re going to look at how a blog can benefit your website in terms on search engine rankings, and any possible alternatives to a blog.

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The key benefits of a blog

Here are the three key benefits of a blog:

  • Fresh content can be posted regularly – search engines give precedence to sites that are constantly updated as opposed to those that have nothing added for months or years on end. This will result in a huge boost with WordPress SEO.
  • A blog is an ideal place to post marketing messages and special offers – by creating a blog following you can make a lot of sales. Share blog posts on social media websites and you’ll soon start to see an influx of traffic! Blogs are a rich source of back links, if you post up high quality articles your site’s SEO in general should see real benefit when people start linking in.
  • A blog is great for targeting long tail keywords. You’ll see your blog popping up in the search engine results for all kinds of permutations and combinations of keywords that you hadn’t even considered!

Alternatives to a blog

If you don’t like the sound of installing a blog on your website there are some alternatives. A lot of business owners tend to add documentation sections to their websites instead. These are full of advice, hints, tips and tutorials.

It depends on the type of website that you run as to what should go in the documentation section – but here are a few ideas:

  • For a site selling car spares the documentation could contain tutorials on how to select the right parts to fit your car – as well as how to fit them once purchased.
  • A site selling cosmetics could give ladies a guide on how to apply make-up, or how to choose the right tone of make-up to match their skin.
  • A credit repair company could have a documentation section made up of articles that look at the benefits of credit repair and what the process actually entails.

These are just a few ideas! The fact is that even the most static website can be updated in some way.

If you’re not going to install a blog on your website make sure that you update the documentation section frequently with a new article at least once per week.

Once you run out of documentation articles to publish you should explore other ways of adding fresh, helpful content to your website in a bid to keep search engines happy.

It’s not just a blog that can benefit a website – any kind of quality content update will have a positive effect.

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  1. Calvin

    I didn’t know that a blog or updating content, frequently would have this effect. I think I’ll start right away with all of my sites. Thanks you.


Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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