Blog Ads: When Should I Put Banners On My Blog?

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This question is probably one of the most asked questions in the blogosphere and is one of the trickiest to answer because there are two completely opposite ways of dealing with this problem. Which is probably why new bloggers keep asking over and over again: When should I put ads on my blog?

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There are basically two possible answers:

  1. Wait until you have some traffic: This answer may seem to be the proper one when you follow common sense. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have any audience to monetize, so even if you put some ads, you won’t make any money out of it and it will probably take you some time to try to find some advertisers (this last part is false if you use some advertisement such as Google Adsense).
  2. Put ads right from the beginning: The positive thing if you set your ads right from blog launch is that you won’t need 2 designs (one without ads and one with ads for later) but simply one design. One of the reasons that pushes me to include ads in my various websites right from the beginning is that users get used to them. This way you won’t have them complaining when you add some advertisement on your pages, it will just be normal. Moreover, setting ads on a blog is only a matter of clicks with advertising systems such as OIO Publisher that I reviewed a couple months ago.

As you can see not everything is 100% black or white and both point of views have their own pros and cons so it’s really up to you…

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  1. Grady Pruitt


    I tend to lean towards the latter myself, though I know with my main one I have now I only recently put the ads on. Most of that was just not taking the time to put them on yet. I had pages where I suggested products all along, but only recently put an “ad” on there.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. I have to agree.

      On Dukeo, I had set the ads from day 1.

      This prevents me from facing a hoard of raging blog readers saying that I sold my soul to the Devil.

  2. I’ve added ads on my website since day one and I think it’s very okay. I’ll be honest people expect ads on your blog. They don’t seem to bug us and perhaps sometimes we will fine relevant information.

    The problem starts arising when the site has more ads then content. This is where the problem is and no so much when you add them, it’s how many.

    1. You definitely need to keep a good balance between content and advertising. As long as you provide value to your visitors they probably won’t bother about your ads.

  3. Richard

    I also started with ads from the beginning. But I only have a few banner ads, so it’s not overwhelming.

    My thoughts are that this way I don’t need to make drastic changes to the layout of my blog to accomodate ads. Also, I feel like it lets my audience know right up front that my blog does have ads and sponsors.

    1. Having only a few banners is probably the good way to manage your advertising. This way you have a couple opportunities to make some money from your blog and you’re not overwhelming your readers.

  4. There is a big advantage to putting ads right from the beginning, the 1 thing is that you already set your readers up to know you accept advertising rather than shocking them with it later. Secondly, you never have more than 1 or 2 slots saying “advertise here” instead what I did was giveaway a few slots a month in contests for other bloggers, let them win free banners. Just make it simple, like 1st person to retweet wins an add, or 10th person to like my fanpage…etc.

    This brilliant tip not only rewards people for participating but makes you friends in the online community, and you occasionally get people seeing others have ads so they may purchase an ad. Nothing spells “baby blog” like having 6 blank ad spots, make sure you fill them even with affiliate sales 125 banners if you have to. Just leave 1 or two available.

    Komoona, allows you to fill unsold ads as Google Ad slots so is also a decent option for 350 or skyscraper ads too which can AdSense monetize while you wait for advertisers (of course I would still rather do the giveaway because if you can’t sell an ad you aren’t going to make much with AdSense anyway).

    1. That’s exactly what I did when I just started Dukeo in January. I displayed ads right from the beginning to make my visitors used to seeing advertising on my pages. Moreover, I used banners from affiliate programs in the beginning. Displaying only unsold banner spaces will make your visitors doubt the value of your website.

  5. Kamran

    i have a question sir!
    i have approved adsense and running on my blogspot.
    i created New Blog and have 20 posts. it is new and does not 6 months old.
    what i should have to do? i can’t compromise on adsense banned! Don’t want to take risk.

    1. The answer is quite simple: if, before doing anything with your Adsense account, you are wondering if what you’re going to do is legit or not, it probably isn’t.

  6. Thanks To you a lot!
    Now i got answer. i have not to put adsense ads on New Blog. until it is 6 months old and accomplish adsense other terms of services!

    1. You’re welcome!

      Good luck with your blog.

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