Big Blogs Exposure: Be Creative to Get Free Traffic


When you have a blog or website it is vital that you gain as much exposure as possible. Without it people will not know about your site. This means that you have to take advantage of every opportunity to create the exposure you need and promote your site. One of the best ways to do this is through big and popular blogs.

free exposure from big blogs

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The reason big blogs can be so helpful is because they have massive numbers of readers. Social media, including blogging, is the going trend and those who are good at it are finding that their readerships continue to grow each day. What this means for those who use those blogs is that they receive advertising to each of those readers without paying anything for it. But how do you do it? The answer is that you have to get a bit creative.

Obviously, if you have the ability to guest blog for a big name blogger you should jump on it. This means you will be able to write a post and include a link back to your own blog. This is the prime choice of advertising on blogs that are successful. It is also the hardest to acquire. Successful bloggers are not going to offer just anyone the ability to write a post on their site. Behind all of their success is the main goal of keeping their readers happy. They have to know they can do that even with their guest posters. So you have to be good and be able to sell yourself to get this opportunity. If it fails, you may have to rely on other means.

You can never comment enough on a blog that is successful. This is especially true when you include links to your own blog or website. The more relevant that a post is to your own site, the more likely you are to get traffic from your post. You do have to realize the difference between commenting and spamming another site. No blogger wants you to comment with your link only unless it was specifically asked for. Most blogs have a way to link to your site without posting the link directly. Then you can provide an insightful comment that makes others take notice of your writing.

In addition to comments you can participate on blogs in other ways. One way is to simply enter giveaways and contests. Link the blog post on your own blog and then comment with your post about the contest. This draws the blogger and other readers to your site. There are also other activities a blogger may have that you can participate in with a linked name that can bring readers to your site slowly. The more times you participate, the more likely you are to acquire consistent traffic. If the content holds their attention you may have found some new fans.

Getting creative simply means finding ways to utilize those big blogs to your advantage. Just be sure that you do it in a way that respects the blogger and their rules. After all, if you are viewed as nothing more than a spammer you will not acquire the results you want and will instead be wasting your time.

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