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Best Website Taglines: Only The Best

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A great tagline might just be the edge your blog needs to hook those incoming readers and get them to stick around. Social media and information overload has conditioned internet users to skim online content more than read it, so if you can craft a tagline that makes them want to stick around and peruse your site more carefully, you’ll gain more loyal readers and reduce your bounce rate significantly.

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Here are a few websites that have it figured out:

  • The Consumerist: Shoppers Bite Back

    The Consumerist informs and entertains readers about current consumer issues without accepting sponsorship or endorsement from corporations – their tagline certainly lets visitors know who’s side they’re on!

  • Get Rich Slowly: Personal Finance That Makes Cents

    Let’s face it: Personal finance can be a little boring. This clever play on words at Get Rich Slowly puts visitors at ease and makes them feel more comfortable while letting them know that they haven’t come across any old dull, boring finance blog.

  • GeekSugar: Geek is chic

    GeekSugar caters to tech-savvy, fashionable, trend-conscious women. Their tagline is so perfect because visitors can tell right away whether this is the website for them just from those three words.

  • Laura Roeder: Social Media Made Easy

    Laura Roeder is a social media marketing strategist who uses her tagline to instantly reach out to her potential clients. Anyone who would be looking for services like Laura’s is obviously feeling frustrated or in need of help with social media marketing, and her tagline lets those visitors know that they’ve come to the right place.

  • The Onion: America’s Finest News Source

    Now, this tagline is a little different. The Onion is a well-known news satire blog, and they stay true to that image right down to their tagline.

  • Infowars: Because There Is a War on For Your Mind

    Infowars is a political blog that tends to focus on conspiracy theories and the hidden agendas of big government. Their tagline certainly gets readers’ attention right away.

  • Foundation Six: We Build Websites That Will Build Your Business

    This web design studio uses their tagline to address not only what they do, but why they do it as well. What business wouldn’t want their website designed with profit in mind?

These are just a few examples of websites that have implemented great taglines into their branding. As you can see, there really isn’t a formula. A great tagline takes a lot of imagination and a good dose of marketing know-how.

A good starting point is to think about what other blogs and websites your visitors might frequent and see what kinds of taglines those websites are using – and whether they’re working or not. Your tagline absolutely needs to be unique, but checking out other taglines in your niche might be a good source of inspiration.

If you’re struggling to create that perfect tagline for your own website, don’t be afraid to hire a great copywriter with a proven track record in your niche to help you out – it will be money well spent.

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  1. Theitoons

    “Get Rich Slowly: Personal Finance That Makes Cents” that makes a more cents. :D

  2. Siraj Wahid

    I don’t think that a tagline could be so important to a site. It depends on marketing and SEO skills. All you need to do is update compelling content and choose a theme that makes your content look cool.

  3. Siraj Wahid

    I don’t think that a tagline could be so important to a site. It depends on marketing and SEO skills. All you need to do is update compelling content and choose a theme that makes your content look cool :)