Best Stuff: 10 Hacks to Show It To Your Readers

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It’s not every day that we bloggers write something that falls under the heading of our “Best Stuff.” And after a while, all our best stuff gets buried, deep in the archives, never to be seen again. All that hard work, down the drain. What do I mean when I say “Best Stuff?” It’s that content you’ve created that makes your readers sit up, take notice and engage. Here are 10 hacks to help you show your readers your “Best Stuff”, no matter how far back in your archives it’s buried.

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best stuff

As you’re going through these tips remember there are all kinds of things that can fall into the “Best Stuff” category:

  • That killer blog post you slaved over that got dozens of comments
  • That cool video you made that went viral two years ago
  • Evergreen, information-paced pillar posts your readers need to access over and over again
  • Guest blog posts that landed you tons of traffic
  • Awesome articles you published at Ezine or Squidoo
  • Images that got re-pinned all over Pinterest

Once the novelty wears off your best stuff people tend to forget about it and it rolls to the back of the archive. But if it was killer content then, it’s killer content now. So let’s bring it back out into the spotlight.

Use the Popular Posts widget in your sidebar: Display this widget prominently in your sidebar so new visitors immediately know where to find your best stuff.

Create your own “Best Stuff” area: Some of your earlier best stuff might not turn up in that Popular Posts widget, simply because you didn’t have as much traffic back then. Use a text widget to create manual links to older content that you want to bring back into the limelight.

Highlight your guest blog posts: If you do a lot of guest blogging, or you have some killer articles or Squidoo lenses, you need to send your readers to those too. Set up a special widget or section or, if you only have one or two, mix them in with the other manual links you create.

Use images to attract attention: Get rid of one of some of those junky banners in your sidebar and add images to highlight these “Best Stuff” widgets you’re creating. Those banners might bring in a few cents a month, but your best stuff is priceless.

Dust off new “Best Stuff”: Don’t set up these widgets and then just let them sit there and gather dust. Change these links on a regular basis so your readers are always seeing something new.

Add related article links within your posts: Don’t use that Related Posts plugin, unless you absolutely have to. Most people stop reading when they get to the end of the article. I’ve had much better success putting a relevant link right in the middle of a blog post, like this: For more information about XYZ Widgets, read “This Article about XYZ Widgets.”

Add contextual links

Use relevant anchor text within your blog posts to send readers to some of your best stuff. Go ahead, send them to that YouTube video and see if you can make it go viral again.

Create a new pillar post

A pillar post is a post that contains concrete information your readers are always going to need. It won’t become outdated and it’s not related to a specific holiday or event. If you’re blogging about cars a good pillar post might be “Hot Rods I Have Known And Loved.

In this post you could talk about several different classic hot rods, including pictures, and then use anchor text links to link back to some of your best stuff where you talked about a specific car or a specific suspension system or wheels.

The best way to write this post would be to choose three or four related posts from farther back in your archives and then write a new post that brings them all together for some reason.

Install an archives page

That little archives widget down at the bottom of your sidebar doesn’t offer much in the way of navigation. Install the SRG Clean Archives plug in and set up an archives page so your readers can easily find all your “Best Stuff.

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