Best Of The Web Review: Increase Your Online Credibility

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Bloggers and site owners are always looking for new ways to increase their credibility and the authority of their website, and one great way to do that is with a quality web directory. Best of the Web is this kind of directory.

best of the web

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About BOTW

Best of the Web is a large and comprehensive directory of categorized, content-rich, and well designed websites, and is also the internet’s oldest search directory, having been around since 1994.

The goal of Best Of The Web is to provide the internet community with meaningful and trustworthy guidance. The Best of the Web directory is checked over regularly and is kept spam-free, making it a valuable resource for users looking for information and website owners looking to receive more traffic alike.

Best of the Web currently boasts a set of directories with over a million websites listed, that has 10+ million pages that are indexed by search engines.

The Best of the Web local directory is searched by 25 million people every year. And over 400,000 human-edited categories enable deep linking for websites.

Best of the Web has several different sub-directories: the main web directory, BOTW Local, the blog directory, Senior Housing Directory, UK & Ireland Directory, and the software directory.

How BOTW Works

Website owners who want to help drive targeted traffic to their website and increase their visibility online can apply to be on the Best of the Web directory. All directory websites are reviewed by a team of editors, to make sure that additions to the Best of the Web directory are spam free and are high quality, content-rich websites, and to keep the directories consistently relevant and unique.

Website owners who wish to have their site listed in the Best of the Web directory can apply online, for an annually recurring fee of $199.95 or a one-time fee of $299.95. Blog owners should submit to the Best of the Web blog directory, for the same fee. All fees are non-refundable and paying the fee doesn’t guarantee that your website or blog will be approved by the editors. Editors will then review the submission before approving or denying it.

Best of the Web also features an advertising program, with a free 30 day trial for first time users. After the free 30 day trial, advertisers are charged $49.95 for each subsequent month. There are only three ad spots per category and the advertised site will be given premier placement on relevant categories.

The main benefits of a Best of the Web membership are increased exposure of the listed website, and better search engine rankings and optimization.


A listing in the Best of the Web directory isn’t cheap, but if you want to focus on growing your inbound links and improving your search engine visibility, it might very well be an investment worth considering. And for those looking for even better visibility, the advertising program is a strong contender.

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