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Basic SEO Guide: 15 Steps to Understand All The Basics

Aaron SEO

About a month ago, I was concluding my post series regarding WordPress SEO. Since then I have received several emails from readers willing to find all this useful information in a single place. This is why I decided to put this post together with links to my previous SEO-related posts.

This 15 steps guide takes any beginner by the hand and give them the landmarks in order to make successful SEO. It is also designed for already confirmed webmasters who might be overlooking some very important steps when optimizing their website.

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  1. Comprehensive introduction to SEO
  2. General information about SEO
  3. General Search Engine Optimization Tips 1/2
  4. General Search Engine Optimization Tips 2/2
  5. On Page SEO: Meta-data 1/2
  6. On Page SEO: Meta-data 2/2
  7. On Page SEO: Semantic structure
  8. On Page SEO: Image Optimization
  9. On Page SEO: Text and Links
  10. On Page SEO: Search Engine Unfriendly Technologies
  11. Off Page SEO: Technical Pages
  12. Off Page SEO: Error 404
  13. Off Page SEO: Free Webmaster Tools
  14. DIYSEO: SEO Comprehensive Tool
  15. Search Engine Optimization Series Conclusion

I hope you will find all this information useful and that it will help you improve your personal website. There is a good chance that I will put all of these posts together in an eBook for easier reference. If you have any question, please let me know in the comments.

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