Attracting Big Affiliates: Get Them To Promote Your Products

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Once you start working online and see just how hard it is to drive tons of traffic to a sales page you start wondering how in the world people make money selling their own products? The answer is, they use affiliate marketers so they have lots of salesmen out there instead of going it alone. However, you have to give those affiliate a commission, which means they have to sell a lot for you to make any money. So the real answer is – they get the big name affiliates to promote their products. The guys who know how to make the sales.

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Every affiliate network has its top sellers, their big affiliates who crank out hundreds or thousands of dollars in sales every day. You can compare these guys to the top sellers at a car dealership or a furniture store. At the beginning of the month you let your new-hires mess around, trying to learn the ropes. But when you need to make money you send these guys into the game because you know they’ll get the job done.

But these guys don’t take on just any product. If they’re going to sell a car it’s going to be the car they choose based on the commission and the demand for the product. It might be harder to sell, but they know what they’re doing and they know it’s worth the extra effort. And that’s exactly how the big affiliates look at it – they’re picky about what they promote.

How To Get Big Affiliates To Promote Your Products

Give Them A Good Commission

The more the affiliate makes off of each sale the harder he’s going to work to push the product. And these guys know how to sell. Which would you rather have? Sixty-five percent of 10 sales that a hundred newbie affiliates are going to drag in or 25 percent of a thousand sales that one affiliate wrangles? And remember – that’s just one. If the just the top 10 affiliates pick up your product you could be looking at thousands of sales in just a few days.

Give Them A Product They Can Sell

Top affiliates are pros at market research, keyword research and targeting a market. It’s what they do. You need to become a pro, too, before you even start creating a product so you can give them a product they can sell. Find a need that has a high volume of searches and a low level of competition and fill it with a quality product that answers all the questions and then some.

Give Them The Tools They Need To Promote

Provide banners of all different sizes. Many key advertisers supply keyword lists, as well as emails, articles and other marketing information so affiliates just have to copy, paste and promote. Some even provide the websites, too.

It also helps to provide your market information to your affiliates because a lot of them are going to set up CPC and CPA campaigns to drive a lot of traffic fast. They all want to be the first to market and that’s exactly how you want them to feel. So give them everything they need to get moving.

Use A Reliable Payment Method

A lot of these big affiliates have certain networks they’ll work with and certain networks they wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, and it’s usually because of payment disputes. Use an affiliate network that allows the affiliate to track results like click-through, conversions, traffic sources, etc., and choose one that has a stellar reputation for paying on time, every time. Click Bank is a good place to start if you’re selling digital products but they’re not the only one. You may also want to check into setting up your own software program to handle affiliates yourself.

If you want the big affiliates to promote your products then pay them well, pay them frequently, and pay them right. Do the market research to create a product they can sell and provide them will all the information and promotional materials they need, then stand back and get out of their way.

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