Article Types: 20 Types of Blog Posts You Can Use For Your Next Article

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Need some new ideas for blog posts?

Here’s a list of 20 types of posts.

There’s a lot to cover here so let’s get started.

1/ Informative – You’ve probably written dozens of these but just don’t realize it. Pick a topic and give your readers some information. It doesn’t have to be a list or a how-to or any other specific configuration – just describe something, define something or relay some news.

2/ How-To – This is another popular format. Give your readers one tip and explain it in-depth or give them a list of 20 tips and a brief description of each or tell them how to accomplish one task from start to finish.

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3/ Lists – This is one of the easiest types of posts to write. They’re very popular with readers and a well-written list can attract a lot of incoming links, too. This is also one of the most popular posts to go viral.

4/ Reviews – The word “review” is highly-searched in conjunction with almost anything you can think of. Book reviews, product reviews, blog reviews, auto reviews – you name it and someone is looking for a review of it.

5/ Interviews – The reason talk shows are so popular is because people like to hear what the experts have to say. The same thing’s true with your blog. Interview relevant high-profile bloggers and experts in your niche. For best results, only ask them one or two really killer questions.

6/ Links – Links posts often go viral, too. Link out to other blogs, create a list of killer posts on your own blog, link to your favorite influencers on Twitter, you favorite YouTube videos, your Top 10 resources or tools… the list goes on and on.

7/ Profiles – If you don’t feel comfortable with interviews or you can’t get that person to respond, the next best thing is a profile post. Do some research on an interesting person in your niche and write it up for your readers.

8/ Case studies – Case studies are fun and educational. Try a new technique or a new tool that’s relevant to your niche and blog about your progress and results, telling your readers what you would and wouldn’t do or recommend when they try it.

9/ Solve a problem – “Problem” is another highly-searched keyword that’s relevant to any niche. This type of post typically focuses on the negative aspects of a product or service.

10/ Contrasts – Almost everything we do involves and decision, or options. Compare two similar products, concepts or services and give your readers the pros and cons of both so they can make an informed decision.

11/ Rant – We all have bad days or bad experiences from time to time. Let off some steam on your blog. Be careful, though, and try to end on a positive note, otherwise you just sound like a crybaby.

12/ Inspirational – We all have good days and wonderful experiences, too, and blogging about it can be inspirational or motivational for your readers, especially if your uplifting story is relevant for your niche.

13/ Research – People love “research” posts because they’re nothing but cold hard facts. But because of that, there’s also no room for error. Quote the wrong fact or statistic and it’s a sure bet someone will call you out in the comments.

14/ Predictions – Learn to analyze your niche and make predictions for the future. For example, “XYZ company just came out with a vitamin enriched dog food that I predict will soon outsell ABC company.” If your predictions are right, you’ll look like a star. If you’re wrong, just own it and laugh it off in a blog post.

15/ Critiques – In my own mind I frequently critique other bloggers, products and services. We all do. When done in a professional manner your readers like your critiques because it gives them another viewpoint. The keyword is “professional.” Attack another blogger and it’s a safe bet his followers will come to his defense.

16/ Debates – Someone once told me they didn’t want to ask me for advice because they knew I’d give them to much to think about because I always give both sides of the story. I don’t like it when a blogger tells me what to think. I’d rather they gave me both sides of the story so I can make my own decision.

17/ What If – What if Google crashed tomorrow? What if we no longer had to pay taxes? There’s a relevant “What If” in every niche. Imagine a ideal scenario or a worst-case scenario and blog about it.

18/ Satire – We all like to complain about Google but if it crashed tomorrow we’d be in big trouble. But there are bound to be some really funny results you can come up with, too. And poking fun at Google? That’s bound to get you some traffic.

19/ Controversy – Disagree with some popular wisdom? Blog about it. Let your readers know what the experts are saying and why you think they’re wrong. Be prepared for some heated debate in the comments.

20/ Curate content – Curating content is a new buzzword I’m hearing and it seems to be taking off. Create a list of all your favorite blog posts from various bloggers on one relevant topic. Give you readers a brief description and a link to each one.

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  1. Rhonda

    As I read through your list, I came up with half a dozen post ideas that will work really well. I’m adding them to my content calendar! I’ve done some of these, but your names gave me ideas about how to put a new twist on them. Thanks a bunch

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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