Article Promotion: 3 Innovative Tactics To Hit The Bullseye

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Not every article is a “Killer” article, but when you write one, you know it, and you want everybody else to know it, too. So how do you spread the word? Here are three innovative ways to promote your killer articles so everybody knows your name.

Do Some Guest Blogging

Promoting killer articles is a lot like launching viral content – the more planning you put into it the better your results. One of my favorite ways to launch a viral post is to publish some extremely relevant guest blog posts at the same time and link to the original article.

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For example, I might write a killer article titled, “101 Ideas For Killer Blog Posts.” At the same time, I’ll take five of those ideas and write a guest blog post titled, “Top Five Ideas For Killer Content” and then tell the readers they can find 96 more killer ideas by following my link.

If you have alliances with more than one blog that will accept your guest blog post, that’s great. It’s that much more exposure. Simply write a different guest post for each blog and send readers to your original article.

Be careful, though. Your guest posts must be of exceptional quality if you want readers to click through and read your original killer article. They must also be completely unique, so don’t just copy and paste from your original article. And your original killer article must be even more remarkable if you want readers to share it.

Get Social Marketing Gigs On Fiverr

If you’ve never visited you’re in for a treat. Fiverr is a site where people will do just about anything for $5 and you’ll find lots of people who’ll share, like or tweet your link to thousands of followers for just five bucks. Many of these sellers, those who are serious about their business, will even over-deliver.

The catch is, you need to be choosy. You actually want people to read your article, not just share your links. Look for Fiverr sellers who have followers in relevant niches.

Notify Your Blogging Network

Email the bloggers you network with and let them know you’ve just published one heck of an article and you’d appreciate it if they’d share it with all of their followers and link to it if it’s relevant to their niches. It seems like a pretty simple suggestion but many bloggers only think about turning to their network when they have a question about how to do something. Leave comments with your link on their blogs and ask you fellow bloggers to blast out an email with your link, too. Start using your network for promotional purposes, too.

But, before you publish that killer article on your blog, do yourself a favor: Include a strong call to action encouraging readers to subscribe to your list or your RSS feed. Don’t let this article go to waste. You know it’s great and your readers will know it, too. This is the best time to get them to subscribe.

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  1. Liza Shaw

    I think they are all great ideas, as I’ve come to expect from you Steven.

    I’d love to host some of your articles on my blog too.


    1. Thank you for your nice words Liza.

  2. Some good ideas and resources.

  3. Robinsh

    I am checking fiverr these days but not think that those cheap gigs really can do something for making my article viral in social media.

  4. Thank you for a very informative article and introducing Fiverr. Trying to get professional help is too expensive especially when the business is in its infancy. I’ve spent last 3 hours going through Fiverr and have already selected several gigs that i want to engage to get some high professional quality material for my business.

    1. Daud, please realize that real professional work is expensive. While you can find some interesting gigs on Fiverr, you shouldn’t expect the same kind of result you would get with a professional who would charge you several hundreds of dollars for the same work. What are you results so far?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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