Article Marketing: Does It Still Work?

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Article marketing is an internet marketing technique that has been around for a very long time. What some people neglect to realize is that article marketing serves two purposes; the articles you post act as a teaser, or an advertisement for your site, and article marketing is also a great way in which to get some extra backlinks for your website, improving your WordPress SEO. Unfortunately too many people just see it as a good opportunity to get backlinks, and completely forget that by posting quality articles they can drive “click-thrus” from article directories.

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article marketing

Article marketing has become a bit spammy

There are lots of different pieces of software out there that take advantage of article directories as a quick source of backlinks. Some tools will scrape together an article for you, spin it, then blast it to thousands of directories at the click of a button. Whilst it might seem great, remember that the backlinks aren’t likely to stick because as soon as article directory moderators see the junk you’ve submitted, they’ll remove the article.

The old saying “quality over quantity” comes into play here too. Having 10,000 links back to your site may seem like a great idea, but if they’re all low quality links nestled in junk articles that don’t make a blind bit of sense, you’re really not doing much to help your SEO at all. This is why hand submissions are much better, because you can locate article directories in your niche so that quality, contextual backlinks are created, not just spammy looking ones.

How to do article marketing properly

It’s really not that hard to do article marketing properly. Of course, in the ideal world article marketing would all be done by hand, articles would be posted by a human. Obviously this is a very time consuming exercise and it’s just not possible for a lot of people to do it manually, but there are still some best practices that you can follow if using automated tools to post to article directories for you.

The best practices you should follow are:

  • Spin the articles by hand – don’t just do a “one-click” spin in your software. By spinning them manually you can be sure they’ll make sense to whoever reads them – thus increasing the chances readers will click through to your site. By submitting quality articles you also dramatically reduce the likelihood your article will be deleted by directory owners – resulting in more backlinks.
  • Only submit to relevant article directories. Whilst lots of article directories do cater for all niches, there are a lot of directories out there that are niche specific. Don’t got blasting an article about horse riding to a directory that only deals with law articles. Where possible you should manually check your article directory lists so that your articles are only posted to relevant sites.
  • Submit quality articles that offer insightful information to readers. If you submit bland articles – even if they do make sense, people won’t click through to your site. Try to think of imaginative titles and topics for your articles.

Article marketing is still a great way to drive traffic to your site, but remember it’s not all about spamming article directories by the thousand. Take care and time when article marketing and you’ll see a lot more success.

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