Article Marketing Robot Review: All-In-One Article Marketing

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Article Marketing Robot promises to completely revolutionize your article marketing strategy. From this day forward it will never be the same. This is a completely automated process for article submission and it eliminates the pain and agony you suffer having to write dozens of articles every week and submit each one manually. Now, with Article Marketing Robot, the boring, tedious part of article marketing is taken care of for you.

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Article Marketing Robot has 3 important components

A robust article spinner: If you’re going to use articles to market your product or website then you know it takes more than one or two a week to bring in those valuable high ranking backlinks. Article spinning has always been an option, it just hasn’t been a very reliable option. If you’ve ever seen content that looks like it was written by an illiterate robot then you know what can happen if you’re not careful when you spin an article. Article Marketing Robot’s spinner takes a lot of the guesswork out of the spinning process and gives you a higher spin ratio that still sounds like it was spoken by a true human being.

This tool alone will save you hundreds of dollars in outsourcing fees and produce much better results. It’s hard to find a good article writer who can also spin content and a spun article, with a decent spin ratio, can cost you 3 or 4 times the price of a standard 500 word article. Go ahead and outsource your articles and then spin them yourself so you know you’re getting a quality spin.

Article Submission Tool: Another outstanding feature, the article submission tool automates the process of getting your articles out there to all the quality blogs, websites and directories to build those all important backlinks. Manually submitting to all those sites is sheer torture! All those passwords and captchas! But once you’ve set up the article submission tool in the Article Marketing Robot you can step aside and let the software handle all your submissions – including logging into the sites.

This service alone is worth almost $70 per month, and that doesn’t even account for the time you’ll be saving. And you’re going to find it included in your Article Marketing Robot package – at no extra charge.

Scheduled Article Submission: Let’s say you’ve spun your article out into 1,000 different versions and now you’re ready to start submitting it to those online websites and blogs. It’s best to develop your backlinks gradually, so as not to attract the unwanted attention of the Google gods. Article Marketing Robot makes it easy for you to schedule your article submissions and drip your content out gradually so your links look natural.

Article Marketing Robot gives you much better search engine rankings than another popular article submission service, and here’s why:

With Article Marketing Robot you spin the whole article and thousands of versions are automatically submitted. With that other popular service you spin paragraphs and then submit 3 different versions which are then shuffled during the submission process. You have more unique versions of your article go out across the Internet when you use the Article Marketing Robot which means you build more quality links with each article.

There have been rumors lately that article marketing is dead but I can assure you, it’s alive and well, and I have the link juice to prove it. The problem is that too many marketers have never really learned how to get the maximum benefit from their articles so they feel like they’re just spinning their wheels every time they sit down to write.

And if you consider the fact that you do need to submit at a minimum 10 to 12 articles per week, a lot of marketers are just spinning their wheels. They’re not producing enough articles fast enough and they’re not creating enough backlinks to even make it worth their while.

Article Marketing Robot makes it easy for anyone to use article marketing to promote their websites and products. Software this comprehensive would normally cost a few hundred dollars but Article Marketing Robot is available for a one-time price of just $97. I’ve paid that much for just a spinner – and not a very good spinner, at that. And other automatic articles submission sites start at a minimum of $67 per month. With a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied you’re making a big mistake if you pass up this bargain.

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