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Are Your Blog Posts Coherent?

Steven January 28, 2013 2 responses Blogging 3 views

Have you ever finished reading a long, rambling blog post, looked up from your monitor and said, “What the heck did I just read?” I have, and it’s aggravating. Some people blog like they talk. They never come to a point and they just wander all over the page. Are your blog posts coherent? Are your readers getting your message? Or are you just leading them on a wild goose chase?

quality of blog posts

Write your title first: Your title should include three elements: Your keyword, what the article is about, and how the article will benefit the reader. For example, a good post title would be: “How to write article titles that bring in more traffic and increase your sales.

Now, when your readers see that title they’re going to assume that you’re going to tell them not only how to write article titles, but article titles that pull in more traffic than the crappy titles they’ve been writing and titles that attract people who will buy something. And, since that’s what they’re assuming you’ll write, and that’s what they’re now hoping you’ll write – you know exactly what you need to write about.

No more wandering around the page. Your path is now clearly mapped out! All you have to do now is stay focused and follow the path you just charted.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of bloggers fail. It’s a lot harder than you think to give someone specific, unfailing directions on how to do something. You can’t assume. Well, yes, you can assume one thing: Assume your readers have no idea what you’re talking about.

If you have to, before you start writing make yourself an outline that includes each step you need to explain. And then explain each step as if you were explaining it to someone who’s hearing it all for the first time. Don’t leave out a single detail and don’t use industry jargon without supplying the definition.

After you’ve written your blog post go back and read it to see if it makes sense. Did you leave anything out? Did you backtrack somewhere? Can you easily see the path from Point A to Point B? More important, will your readers easily be able to see that path? And have you anticipated and explained all the obstacles your readers might encounter on the way?

Now, read it again and get rid of all the extra words – like “Very” and “Like” and all the other annoying little phrases and words people use during ordinary conversation. Get rid of unnecessary sentences that don’t add anything of value. Get rid of personal observations – unless they’re needed to make a point, and then read it again.

The reason many bloggers have trouble writing coherent blog posts is because they think all they have to do is sit down and type. Believe it or not there’s some skill involved in writing coherent blog posts. You may not have that skill now but if you write your titles first and focus, it won’t be long before you’re writing informative blog posts that are a joy to read.

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Steven, I am a big believer in outlines. They really help me organize my thoughts. I’m so glad you suggested them because they truly can cut down on the need for editing.

    You can tell when a blog post rambles and then readers will have very little patience to try to find value in the writing.

    (Did you include the typo in the title on purpose?)

    1. Steven

      The typo was a mistake, Carolyn. Thanks for pointing this out.

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