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I really mean it, thank you Akismet! The number of comment spam your blog receives is generally in direct proportion with the number of pages you get ranked for certain keywords in Search Engine Results. On my other blogs, as well as on Dukeo, I have always seen some spam comments filled with linked to pharmaceutical products that I won’t name to protect my blog.

But spam comments stepped on to another level and some of them are harder to spot as spam. Newbie webmasters may even fall for these and think they are legit comments.

You might have received some comments on your blog telling you how great your post was or how amazing your website is… Think twice before approving this kind of comments. Also check the Name of the Commenter and the url of his website. If it’s anything related to insurance, pharmacy or casino, you have 95% chance that it is spam.

I generally just edit the Name to make it shorter, remove the url of their website and edit the email adress (don’t overlook this part because your blog might be set to auto accept comments posted by people whose comments have already been approved once), and then, I approve them!

It’s always nice to see some additional positive comments, even if they are from automated software, it might invite real visitors to comment too because it may be hard to be the first to post a comment if you are shy.

What about you? Any disguised comment spam on your blogs? Come on, don’t be shy ;)

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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Just wonder how many spam comments have been blocked by Akismet on your blog?

    1. So far, according to Akismet Stats: 76 spam comments.

      That’s still a very low number compared to the big blogs out there, which is totally normal as this blog is not even 45 days old and I’m receiving very low Search Engine traffic.

  2. I used to receive a shitload of this kind of comments, I completely disabled the comments on my website because it was getting out of control…

    1. I hope that I won’t have to get to this point… I find it very important to hear what your visitors have to say about your work. It would be a great loss to not have this feedback anymore.

  3. Mike

    I wonder what blogs and other websites encouraging feedback from visitors would look like without the help of anti-spam solutions such as Akismet…

    1. Mitch

      The whole web would probably be turned into a pharmaceutical spamfest! :D

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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