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AffPaying Disappearance: What Happened?

Steven Internet Marketing

In the past few days, I have seen an increasing number of visitors coming to Dukeo after searching for “Affiliate Paying” on Google. I have high expectations for my SEO strategy, but this doesn’t explain why I am outranking the website AffiliatePaying.com especially because it is an exact match for this research.

As you can see on Google if you make a search for “Affiliate Paying“, you can see that 2 of my articles are ranked respectively in the first and second place. These articles are:

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affiliate paying

For some reason, AffiliatePaying.com is only listed at the very bottom of the first Search Engine Result Page. Moreover, the page that is ranked is not even the homepage of Affiliate Paying, but its sitemap page.

The only possible explanation that I see is that Gao (the owner of Affiliate Paying) either overdid his SEO efforts, or hired a SEO specialist that overdid his SEO work.

Working on your SEO, both on-page and off-page, is a very good thing to do in order to improve your rankings in Search Engines and get more traffic to your website, but you should always be very careful with what you do as it can have dramatic results if you do it the wrong way. Maybe Gao will give a more detailed explanation of what happened to Affiliate Paying…

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