AdWords + Clickbank: Still Possible To Promote CPA?

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Lots of people tend to ask on internet marketing forums whether or not things like CPA or Clickbank products can be promoted with AdWords.

The short answer to the question is yes – but you might have to think outside the box a little if you’re going to get your campaign approved, because it’s really not as easy as it looks.

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Promoting CPA with AdWords

CPA offers are definitely the harder of the two to promote. With CPA offers you’ll almost never get a campaign approved that links directly to your CPA landing page, what’ll have to do is to put your own landing page in the middle.

Google have very strict rules and policies on what is and isn’t suitable when it comes to a landing page. The thing to take away from it is that only sites that offer value to their readers will be approved. If you design a landing page with a spun article and a huge CPA banner, you’re going to get it disapproved. Whilst trial and error is definitely worthwhile in some internet marketing endeavors, if you annoy AdWords by constantly submitting campaigns with landing pages that violate their Ts & Cs, they’ll simply close your account – you have been warned!

The most effective way to promote CPA on AdWords is to link your ad to a custom landing page – make it a blog page with lots of helpful information on relating to the CPA offer. Make sure you have other links to articles and blogs on your site too. You can put the CPA offer on that page somewhere, discretely. Once a user clicks through to your page, you’ll have to hope they see the CPA banner and click through to the offer itself.

Promoting Clickbank products with AdWords

Promoting Clickbank products with AdWords is a little easier – often Google will approve campaigns that link directly to landing pages with your referral ID in them. Sometimes they won’t however, so you’ll have to do the same thing as is mentioned above for CPA; publish your own, useful landing page, with a banner on for people to click that takes them to the Clickbank page.

Remember that a lot of other people also advertise Clickbank products on AdWords, so competition and consequently CPCs will be quite high for the more popular products. To that end, you should try and find a less “hyped” product and promote that – carving out your own niche can be very profitable. Don’t just assume that by promoting the same products as everyone else you’re going to be successful, because it doesn’t always work like that.

Try an AdWords alternative

Although getting direct links to your CPA or Clickbank product can be pretty hard using AdWords, there are lots of other networks out there that will let you do it with no fuss. The trade off to be made is AdWords’s vast audience, versus the relatively smaller audiences other PPC networks have. That said, there are some out there, and there’s definitely money to be made.

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  1. Rotem

    Real helpful article, and explantion. still got a bit of study to get my adword banner, leading to A clickbank product approved but, I’ll get it through evencualy, or start a blog.
    thank’s a lot..

    1. Thanks for your comment Rotem!

  2. Safia

    we can not directly put affiliate link to adwords even to products which are allowed to promot in adwords
    but the best way is to buy a domain and forward with affiliate link and use it in adwords. what do you think!!

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