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If the revenue from your direct ad sales is looking rather dismal you might be tempted to try beating the bushes to round up a few more advertisers.

But we both know how much work that involves and surely you’ve heard the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder.

If you want to increase your revenues but decrease your work load, all you really need to do is create a clear advertising page.

Adding more advertising banners isn’t a real solution. In the end, you’ll probably still have the same number of clicks, they’ll just be spread out over more ads. Your revenues might increase a little, but you’re going to have to do twice the work monitoring the stats for all those different ads so you can report back to the advertisers.

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There are two key elements involved in increasing your direct ad sales revenues:

Keep you advertising spots filled at all times: Once you have more than one advertising spot on your blog it becomes a constant juggling act trying to keep them all filled. The emails fly back and forth with the advertiser asking you to verify this and how much is that. The more emails you use and the more negotiating you do, the higher your chances of losing that advertiser. He’ll find someone else who’s easier to deal with.

Give advertisers a reason to ante up: You’re selling advertising space and any time the word “selling” is involved that means the buyer wants something in return for his money. In this case he’s looking for traffic. Not just any traffic, either, he wants targeted traffic, and the more of it you have the more he’s willing to pay.

But he’s not going to go on your word alone, or even your best estimates. Yours isn’t the only blog he’s advertising on and he has to make every penny count.

The Solution Is A Clear Advertising Page

The key to keeping those spots filled is to eliminate all the advertiser’s questions as quickly as possible. You can avoid all those emails and all that negotiating with a simple, clear advertising page.

Include screen shots of your blog and the available advertising spots, along with the corresponding ad rates.

Anticipate questions:

  • How much will you charge for one month?
  • Will you offer a discounted 3-month rate?
  • Will there be rotating ads in some spots and static ads in others?
  • What ad size and format will you accept?
  • Who handles the hosting?

The more detailed information you put on this page the less negotiating you’ll have to do. In fact, you’ll even have advertisers who just pay your fee and never contact you at all.

You’ll also want to include traffic stats, as much as you’re willing to post publicly on your blog, as well as demographic information, such as the age of your audience, whether they’re primarily male or female, etc.

If you want to be able to charge a higher fee for your ad spots, include information such as your Alexa ranking, your Google page rank, and any awards your blog has won.

By publishing a clear advertising page with as much information as possible you’ll not only keep all those ad spots filled, you’ll probably be able to raise your fees, too. You’ll increase your direct ad sales revenue without adding additional ads.

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    Needed this information when I first started in marketing… good article and information

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    I think the advertising page is an excellent idea of how to make it easier to sell, display and maintain advertisements. The more professional you can make your blog the more appeal there is for turning it into a re ensue generator.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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