AdSense Sites Mistakes: Common Errors To Avoid

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AdSense sites are a great way to make money online, they can provide you with lots of income every month, without you having to raise so much as a finger. Of course you’ll have to make an effort to put the sites up in the first place, but once that’s done, it’s pretty much a case of “set and forget”. You’ll definitely want to add a load of new articles to your site every now and then, and schedule them to fire off at random intervals, but that really isn’t a lot of work.

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Some of the most common mistakes people make when building AdSense sites are:

  • Building too many, too fast.
  • Selecting poor keywords
  • Using poor quality, spammy backlinks.
  • Using scraped, poorly spun or duplicate content

Building too many, too fast.

If you build too many AdSense sites too quickly you’ll find that you lose focus. Instead of putting lots of focus and effort into just a handful of sites your focus will be diluted across your entire portfolio. This will lead to less successful sites. Start small and scale things up gradually – when things get too much hire people to do things like write and post articles and even build links for you. It won’t take long to get it to a point where you’re doing nothing but supervising your workers. Remember, start small and don’t try setting up a massive network from day one.

Selecting poor keywords

There are hundreds of different keyword tools out there that claim to be the best. Which one you use is totally up to you, but the thing to remember is that common sense also comes into the equation. There are lots of keywords out there with high search volumes, but they have very few (if any) advertisers targeting those keywords. This means that when you add adverts to your site, they won’t be relevant, and the CPC will be low. So you might have a high search keyword, but if your ads are rubbish your CTR will remain low.

Using poor quality backlinks

With AdSense sites there’s a temptation to use automated tools to generate backlinks. If you’re building ten, twenty, thirty or more AdSense sites per week it’s obviously impractical to build links by hand. Just remember though that certain links are better than others; by blasting things like forum profile links to your site you’ll end up doing more harm than good. Even if you’re using automated tools, look to get links from Web 2.0 sites and article directories over links garnered from mass Scrapebox or XRumer runs.

Using scraped, poorly spun or duplicate content

If you use content that isn’t unique, you’ll have a hard time getting Google (or any other search engine for that matter) to index it for you. Using scraped content is never a good idea – and using spun content is always a “no-no”. Spun content is often unreadable and pretty useless – don’t waste your time building sites if that’s what you plan to publish on them. Instead, set a few dollars aside and hire a freelancer to write some unique content for you – this will pay dividends in the future.

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  1. Matt

    The first mistake in building adsense sites is building adsense sites

    (and yes, I own some… clock is ticking)

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