AdSense Revenue: How Can It Be The Best For Blogs?

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OK, listen up. You’re going to read lots of pros and cons about using AdSense on your blogs. In some circles it’s the most hotly debated topic on tap. And that’s a good thing. Because it is the subject of heated debate, that means there are a lot of people who truly believe AdSense can be the best revenue source for blogs. And if they’re that passionate about it, it means they know it works.

A few years ago there were some big-name bloggers whose whole business model was based on building AdSense blogs. These days, the blogs have changed a little, with a shift toward more and better content, but the basic concept is still the same: Use keywords to pull in specific ads and target organic traffic, and let Nature take its course.

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Why is AdSense such a good fit for blogs?

The Guesswork Is Gone: Anyone with a Google Gmail account can get an AdSense code and plug it into their blog in less than five minutes. From there, Google takes over. Google uses the keywords you use in your articles and the searcher’s own previous search history to automatically select which ads your visitors see when they land on your blog.

Great for New Blogs: With as little as 3,000 or 4,000 visitors you can be making upwards of $25 each month in ad revenue. And depending on your niche and how well you research your market, that $25 could be just a drop in the bucket. There are some keywords out there that earn $50, $75, and $100 per click, or more.

Easier Conversions: With AdSense you’re paid every time someone clicks on a link, which is why you can start earning with less traffic. With affiliate products you’re not paid unless someone actually buys something. It’s a lot easier to get someone to click on a link that leads to more information than it is to get them to click on a Buy button.

Why isn’t everybody doing it?

If AdSense is that great, why isn’t every blogger using it on their blog? The biggest argument against it – and definitely something you should consider – is that AdSense takes the reader off your site, and once they leave they probably won’t be back. But if you understand that and work within certain parameters, it’s actually a pretty great business model. Here’s how it works…

  • You write some quality content that targets a specific keyword and has an attention-grabbing title.
  • Someone searching for information sees your article in the Google index and clicks through.
  • They read your article and see that relevant, targeted ad offering more information so they click through on that, too.
  • You just earned some money.

Now, had that been an affiliate ad, they may have clicked on that, too. However, you wouldn’t make any money unless they actually bought something after they clicked through.

And yes, that visitor is now gone from your blog and probably won’t be back, but look where that visitor came from – the Google Index. That visitor found your article as the result of an organic search. Chances are he was only looking for information anyway and wasn’t yet in the buying mood. Even if you’d had an affiliate banner he still would have left your site when he clicked on it, but he probably never would have hit the Buy button.

At least with AdSense, when he left your site, you still made some money. It may not be as much money as you would have made with an affiliate sale, but you’ll make it up in volume.

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