Accessibility & Structure: Getting Started with SEO

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This post is a follow-up of last week post about SEO: General information about SEO. I invite you to read this previous post as well. If you would like to have a whole picture of my SEO guide, you can check the series from the very first post: Comprehensive introduction to WordPress SEO.


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Page accessibility

All the important pages of your websites need to be at most 3 clicks away from your homepage. It is very difficult to get some page, which are lost in the depth of your site, ranked well in the search engine results.

If your organization is pushing some pages deep into your website, you can still do some cross-linking from one page to another to lower the number of clicks to reach it. But never forget that you need to make your links as contextual as possible.

Website structure

The name of your categories and subcategories are VERY important to get some good ranks. They need to contain some of the highest targeted keywords for your website. For example, on Dukeo, some of my categories are: “SEO”, “mindset”, “wordpress” because I’m trying to rank high for keywords containing these terms.

To find the “good” category names, you need to put you in the place of the people who are searching on the web and think about the keywords you want them to type to get to your website.

Once you have an idea about the keywords you want to rank for, you can verify their pertinence through a few tools like Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends and Google Insight for Search.

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  1. Flash Games

    Thank you for going over the basics of SEO again. I’ll be using your post series as reminders when working on new projects.

  2. First Website

    If categories are so important, why are you not using them in your post link structure?

    1. I second that question! It looks as if you are not applying your own advices…

    2. There is a simple reason why I am not using categories in my permalinks: evolution.

      As Dukeo is only 2 months old, the categories are not yet fully decided. I might do some changes. If I was to use the categories in permalinks, I might lose some link juice when changing categories.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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