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7 Tips to Keep the Blogging Fires Burning

When you first start your blog you’re at your desk every available hour, every day of the week. You work your fingers to the bone and the ideas just keep on coming. Then one day you turn a corner and it’s like somebody turned out the lights. You’re burned out, you can’t come up with anything new or exciting and your blog begins to suffer. Here are seven tips to keep the fires burning and rejuvenate your blog.

  1. Take a break: Give it one last burst of energy so you can schedule a few posts, then step away from your blog for a few days. Get out into the real world. Spend time with friends and family. Meet some new people and see what everybody’s talking about. Rest and recharge your batteries. You’ll come back to your blog with a clear head and an abundance of enthusiastic energy. Take a least one day every week away from your blog.
  2. Add a new category: Maybe you’re just getting tired of blogging about the same thing, day after day. Broaden your horizons and add in one new category or product. Variety is the spice of life and, as a bonus, you’ll be pulling in a broader audience, too.
  3. Invite some guest bloggers: Don’t just sit there and wait for any old guest blogger to send you a post. Go out and invite some respected bloggers to submit a guest post, bloggers your readers really want to hear from. Not only will you get a break, you’ll get some killer content and you’ll look like a star.
  4. Be controversial: Instead of posting the same old stuff, take a look at your competitors. If they’re all blogging about the same old boring news this week, disagree with them and be controversial. Give your readers a completely different viewpoint and shake things up a bit.
  5. Reply to comments: Have you been ignoring your comments? You need to get in there and reply. When your readers see you paying attention they’ll comment even more. They’ll ask questions and share opinions and maybe even disagree with you. You’ll find a lot of new ideas you never thought of in those comments.
  6. Do something different and new: We talked about being controversial, but how about creating a video? Of using a cartoon or maybe hiring an artist to design a cute mascot for your blog? Do something colorful, humorous and interesting, something new that you’ve never done before. You’ll be adding depth and excitement to your content.
  7. Analyze past performance: Maybe all you really need to do to keep those blogging fires burning is take a look at your analytics to see what’s been turning your readers on. It could be that your most popular content isn’t really what you think it is and that’s why you’re losing traction. Give your readers more of what they’re really looking for and breathe new life into your blog.
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2 Comments (Add one)

  1. Dwayne Hallock
    Dwayne Hallock

    Around ten years ago I began to study e-commerce and tried to find the venues to make money on the internet. I burned out so hard, it has taken until recently for me to regain momentum. Had I read this blog a couple weeks before my crash (and if I actually took the steps) I believe my efforts would not have been in vain.
    I am certain these 7 tips are tips every-one would benefit from hearing on a semi regular basis. No matter what they are doing in life, Your remedies will help during those times of despair. Thank you.

    1. Sté Kerwer

      Dwayne, I hope you’ll manage to stay motivated from now on! You can always print the post and pin it over your desk ;)