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5 Ways to Rid Complacency From Your Blog

Steven January 3, 2013 4 responses Blogging 10 views

Eventually, almost every blogger reaches a point where they become complacent. Their blog’s finally getting steady traffic, they’re making money, and everything’s going smooth as silk. So they settle back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But it’s that lack of focus and attention that often leads to careless mistakes. Here are five ways to keep complacency from causing serious damage to your blog.

Expand your topic: If you’re complacent then that typically means you need a new challenge to spark your interest. Try adding a new category to your blog to expand your topic. For example, if you’ve been blogging about money-saving meal planning and recipes, you could start blogging about how to save money with coupons.

When you add a new category you’re going to have something new and exciting to blog about, plus you’ll be busy interlinking that new content with the older content on your blog, and promoting your new content in your networks. You’re going to be busy for quite a while – to busy to be complacent.

Set new goals: We often become complacent after struggling to reach our goals. We reward ourselves with a period of rest and relaxation. But sometimes that R&R period stretches into weeks or months, which jeopardizes everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So the simplest solution is to set new goals so you always have something challenging to work on. Don’t procrastinate by telling yourself you need to take time to do research. Choose something simple, like increasing your Twitter traffic, and get busy today.

Take a break: If you’ve been working particularly hard to reach those goals then you might need a complete break from your blog. Complacency can cause you to make some serious mistakes, like accepting poor quality guest blog posts just so you have something to publish for the day. To avoid these huge mistakes, it might be best to get away from your blog for a few days. Get some fresh air and exercise and a good night’s sleep for a night or two and come back when you feel refreshed and enthusiastic again.

Do something new: If you’ve never created a video for your blog, do it now. If you’ve always wanted to try publishing your own ebook at Amazon, do it now. If you enjoy drawing cartoons, incorporate them into your blog. You may be tempted to start a new blog, and that’s fine, too. Just make sure you’re staying focused on your existing blog while you’re at it. But, whether it relates to your blog or not – just do it. Who knows? It might lead to a completely new business opportunity for you.

Evaluate your results: It’s easy to get complacent when things are going smoothly. But unless every single visitor that comes to your blog turns into a paying customer – unless your conversion rate is 100 percent – then there’s always room for improvement. Your blog may be running like a well-oiled machine but that doesn’t mean it’s running at peak performance levels. Step resting on your laurels and get busy tweaking to improve your content and conversions.

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4 Comments Add one

  1. Helene Mearing
    Helene Mearing

    Great to read how others handle this situation … Evaluate your results is my thing for this year… Using Google Analytic correctly. Thank you for your insights.

    1. Steven

      I’m always happy when one of my post helps someone. Thanks you Helene.

  2. Andy Nattan @ Unmemorable Title

    I think number five is far too often overlooked. I know I’m guilty of firing off a post, queueing a few reminder Tweets and then forgetting about it.

    Taking time to see what impact posts have would really improve my site.

    1. Steven

      Hey Andy, I must confess that I’m often guilty of this fifth point too…

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