5 Fatal Landing Page Mistakes – and How To Fix Them


Landing pages are designed to get the reader to complete a specific action that leads him further into the sales funnel, like subscribing to a mailing list or getting a free download or buying a product. Because it takes a good bit of effort to get the reader to the landing page – either paid advertising or lots and lots of content – it’s important that the sales page produce results. Here are five fatal landing page mistakes you might be making, and what you can do to fix them.

The Headline Is Bad

All the titles you’ve written up to this point have only been practice. When it comes to your landing page it’s crucial that your title grab the reader’s attention immediately. This is not the time for word puzzles and cutesy titles.

That big, red headline at the top of the page needs to answer one simple question: What’s in it for me?

There’s No Call To Action

Any page or post can be a landing page and it’s good practice to monitor your popular posts and optimize them for conversions. The worst thing you can do is send traffic to your homepage or to a post or page with no call to action.

If you suddenly see a post has gone viral, get in there and add a strong call to action. If you have to rewrite some of the post to lead up to that call to action, do it. Strike while the iron’s hot.

The Call To Action Is Buried Below The Fold

A good landing page has the headline, the important bullet points and the call to action, all above the fold. In fact, with a lot of landing pages you don’t have to scroll at all. Instead of creating a long landing page that covers every conceivable benefit, consider creating multiple pages and targeting your traffic accordingly so you can keep the landing page short and actionable.

There Are Too Many Exit Points

Never give your reader more than one exit point of your landing page. If they don’t want to subscribe or sign up, then they can hit their browser’s back button. Give your reader too many choices and he’ll either take the wrong one or he won’t make a choice at all.

There’s No Funnel

Too many bloggers just say “Thank You” and leave it at that. But that visitor has just given you his email address and that means he’s interested in hearing more – now. Use your Thank You page to draw the visitor deeper into your sales funnel while he’s still interested. Turn your Thank You page into another landing page and offer an upsell, or a free product that leads to an upsell, or lead him to an unrelated product and get him on another list. Never lead your visitor to a brick wall. He’s in the mood now – use it to your advantage.

Stéphane Kerwer
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