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468×60 Ad Spot For Sale (And A Couple More)

Steven About Dukeo

Hey everyone, here is a quick reminder to let you know that I still have a few advertising spots for sale.

Currently you can purchase the 468×60 Ad spot, the 300×250 between posts and comments and both the 125×125 in sidebar and in content. You can also purchase Static Text Links which are visible on top of every single page of Dukeo.

I’d like to put an extra focus on the 468×60 ad spot which is one of the most valuable spots on Dukeo for a simple reason: there is no ad rotation! Once you purchase this spot, you are 100% sure that your ad will be displayed on every single page view on Dukeo. Moreover, it’s ideally located since it’s just above content.

If you are interested in getting exclusive ad spots, you can also check the 300×250 ad spot as I allow only 1 banner for this ad spot too. That’s plenty of ad views for your banner once you purchase this spot.

Don’t miss your chance to advertise on Dukeo, these spots will probably run out fast.

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