3 Alternatives to Promoting Your Blogs Homepage That Convert First Time Readers to Loyal Ones


Sometimes your blog’s homepage isn’t the best place to send first time readers. There’s just too much to look at, and depending on how many posts you’re showing and how you have them configured, there might not even be anything on your homepage that a first time visitors wants to read, it may have already rolled into your archives. Here are three alternatives to promoting your blog’s homepage that convert first time readers into loyal, repeat visitors.

Individual Posts

Promoting individual posts works well when you’re guest blogging or using article marketing to promote your blog. The first time visitors who follow the link to your blog do so because they liked what they read. Send them to relevant content on your blog so they can see you know even more.

Sometimes I’ll publish a brand new post for this purpose, but if you’re linking to existing content in your archives, be sure to go in and tweak that post to include a call to action to subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter.

Purpose-Built Landing Pages

Landing pages are a marketing tool used to pull visitors into your sales funnel. It’s usually the first stop before the sales page and it’s used to generate leads and pre-sell products.

This works well for guest blogging and article marketing and you can also create a page specifically for your social network followers or as landing pages for ads promoting your blog.

Send visitors to a landing page that’s been built specifically for that visitor, depending on where they’re coming from. For example, if you submit a guest post, link to a landing page that contains multiple links to relevant content on your blog and an invitation to subscribe. Write a brief paragraph letting these new visitors know what your blog is about and how they’ll benefit from following.

I covered this in a little more detail in “Increase the Effectiveness of Your Next Guest Post with a Landing Page.

RSS Feed

It’s not a good idea to promote your RSS feed alone because the link doesn’t lead to a post or page that lets the visitor get to know more about your blog. But there are two ways to promote your RSS feed occasionally…

If you have the opportunity to include two links in a resource box, then use one to link to a landing page or individual post and use the other to link to your RSS feed with a call to action to subscribe.

If you can only use one link, create a page or post on your blog to promote your RSS feed with links to your most popular content so first time visitors can see how great your content is.

When you give first time readers more of what they’re looking for instead of just sending them to your homepage you’ll have better luck converting them to loyal, return readers.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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