101 Ways to Run Out of Things to Blog About


Surprised? Me, too. Usually I blog about these great ideas for coming up with new things to blog about and everybody says, “Yeah, Sté?! You rock!” But today I’m in one of those moods, so I thought, “What the heck? Maybe there’s somebody out there today who wants to kill his blog.” You never know, right? So here’s 101 ways to run out of things to blog about – fast.

Create a Fabulous, Comprehensive List Post

That’s really all you need to do. Create a list of 101 things your readers need to know about your niche.

Pack it full of the most comprehensive content you’ve ever written, use your most engaging voice and format it so it’s easy for all your visitors to read and understand. You want them to sit up and take notice when they read this post. You don’t want them leaving your blog until they’re read every single word. And when they do leave, you want them to know everything there is to know about your niche.

Am I being sarcastic? Yeah. Pretty much. But believe it or not, this is a real scenario. More than one beginning blogger has written one of those list posts with 101 points, packed it full of information, and then literally killed their blog. Here’s what happens…

As a brand new blogger you may very well believe you’re an expert in your niche, but you’re not an expert on blogging. You’re not an expert at doing keyword research so you can find out what your readers are looking for.

Right now, you’re still just seeing the first layer of information in your niche. The longer you work in the niche, the more you’ll learn. It’s like your math class in grade school. At first, you learn that 2+2=4 so you run home, all excited about your new discovery, and tell your parents and you use apples to illustrate the concept – just like your teacher did.

But right now, because this is the limit of your expertise, you could never explain the concept of negative numbers or long division or pi, consequently you also couldn’t anticipate your parents questions about these subjects. Therefore, you’ve told your parents everything you know about math and you have nothing left to say.

But wait. There’s more…

Because you so brilliantly explained that 2+2=4, your parents think you know everything there is to know about math and they start asking you to share more of your astounding knowledge. They want to learn what happens if you subtract 3 and add 5. But you don’t know. You haven’t learned that yet. You can’t answer their questions so you just shrug and stay silent.

Now you’re embarrassed at your lack of knowledge. You’ve lost your mojo and you’ll never be able to speak about math again.

Three Things To Consider When You Write Lists Posts

  1. Have you given your readers so much information that they’ll never need to come back?
  2. Are you leaving yourself room to write future posts?
  3. Will your readers now expect the same level of content from all your posts?

Obviously, you can’t possibly cover every single bit of information in one post, no matter how many items are on your list. But if you’re not yet an expert on all aspects of your niche, you might think you’ve covered everything and now you’ve run out of things to blog about. Don’t panic.

Go back to your list and pull out one item to use as a topic for another post, then expand it with more details. You may have to step away and do some research first, but that’s how you become a true expert.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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