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10 Things That Bloggers Tend to Forget

Steven January 26, 2013 2 responses Blogging 8 views

Ah, the life of a blogger. You sleep as late as you want, get up and work whenever you want, go jog on the beach or visit your pals at the pub. Being a blogger’s a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth and the larger your blog gets, the more work you have to do. Here are 10 things that busy bloggers tend to forget. Add them to your list of things-to-do today.

bloggers tend to forget

  1. Internal Links: Every post you publish should be linked, using anchor text, to at least one or two other posts on your blog. Those internal links provide additional value for your readers and they also make your blog look better to the search engines. And don’t pat yourself on the back yet. Just because you do always add internal links doesn’t mean they all still work. Install a plugin to check your site for broken links and run it every week.
  2. Backup Your Blog: You’re blogging along, blogging along, and the traffic just keeps pouring in. And then Boom! Your site crashes! It’s inevitable and it will happen to you at some point during your blogging career. Plan ahead and be prepared. Back up your blog every week and save it. If something does happen to bring down your blog you can be back up and running in a matter of minutes if you’ve been keeping your backups on file.
  3. Monitor Comments: If you have comments set for approval then you need to remember to go in and approve those comments once or twice a day. People like to see their comments appear and when they don’t they think you’ve abandoned your blog. Approving at least twice a day also encourages interaction among your commentors.
  4. Answer Comments: And don’t forget to answer all your comments, even if it’s only to say, “Thank you for commenting. Stop back again.” Of course, your comments should add something to the conversation, but the important thing is that you remember.
  5. Upgrade WordPress: It’s important to install those WordPress upgrades as they show up on your dashboard. If not, your site may not appear will in some browsers and you may also be setting your blog up for a hack job. However, before you upgrade, always backup your blog, just in case something goes wrong with the download.
  6. Answer Email: If you’re like me you sit down and get right to work on your blog every day. And if you’re like me, you’re missing a lot of important emails. Make it a habit to check your email once in the morning and once in the evening just before you quit for the day.
  7. Network: Yes, you do need to step away from your blog every now and then and get out there to meet other bloggers. I know it’s hard when you’re busy. You think you’re shirking your work if you’re not actually working on your blog. But every bit of exposure you get benefits your blog in the long run. So get out there and meet other bloggers.
  8. Check Spam Folders: Don’t forget to check spam folders for comments and email before you hit that delete button. No filter is perfect and more than once I’ve found some pretty awesome comments that were sent to the spam folder.
  9. Rotate Older Posts: Once or twice a month dig into your archives and bring out some of those oldies but goodies. Put a special graphic in your sidebar and link directly to those great blog posts of the past. This will also help you to remember to work on internal links.
  10. Proofread: And finally, last but not least, don’t forget to proofread before you hit publish. I know. You’re in a hurry. You have a zillion other things to do. But it only takes a second and you’ll make a much better first impression if you dot all your “I’s” and cross all your “T’s”.

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  1. Rafael d Jesus Ferreras Castillo
    Rafael D Jesus Ferreras Castillo

    Hello, Again your articles very interesting, did not know it was so important to always update WordPress, thanks I’ll have pending. God bless you

    1. Steven

      Yes Rafael, it’s very important to keep WordPress updated.

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